There’s Something Magical About PEI’s Lighthouses

The towering structures that dot this very special place make captivating subjects for photography.

The winding red Appin Road on Prince Edward Island is where my grandmother was born and raised in the old homestead her father built by hand from the timber on his land. My own mother visited the Island every summer as a young girl and she, in turn, introduced our family to the captivating scenery and warmth of the lslanders. PEI became like a second home. The relaxed, laid-back environment welcomes strangers and family alike. Saltwater breezes, sandy beaches and rugged shores lure us to this inviting island which abounds in folklore, ghost stories, lighthouses and enchanting tales of the endearing Anne of Green Gables.

PEI Lighthouses - West Point Lighthouse FiKyle Morley-Erickson
PEI’s iconic West Point Lighthouse.

The Allure of PEI Lighthouses

I decided to make the trip myself to take pictures of PEI lighthouses for my mom—she loves them. I waited day and night for the perfect lighting. I got up early for magnificent sunrises and captured spectacular landmarks by sunset. My digital map of the Island included all of the active and non-active PEI lighthouses. After taking a few days to look at each and every one for information and significance, I decided to feature two PEI lighthouses each day, one at sunrise and one at sunset. Because I drove to each location, it was a rush to set up sunrise shots, especially for lighthouses at the far ends of the island. I had lots of time to set up my ideal sunset shots. At the end of each day, I drove back to my cousin’s house for a good night’s sleep, but sunrises arrived early and called me back again.

Lighthouse ReflectionKyle Morley-Erickson

Special Considerations For Shooters

I researched sunrise and sunset times to determine which lighting would present the best features of each lighthouse, while still capturing the sun. Other photos required researching the tides that can be hazardous if not diligently monitored. Things did not always go as planned and the weather did not always cooperate. Storm fronts move quickly along the Maritime coastline. I did not get the shots I expected to at the Teacup Rock formation at Thunder Cove Beach, which sadly no longer exists. Being alone in the freezing cold water at night, wearing chest waders, holding expensive camera equipment, all while trying to keep lights completely motionless underwater did not work at all. Nevertheless, it was a great learning experience.

Custom Lighthouse PuzzleKyle Morley-Erickson
Kyle captured the beauty of PEI lighthouses with his camera, then had the photos made into keepsakes such as calendars and puzzles.


Upon returning home to Ontario, I reviewed all my photos. I took 1,250 photos and kept only 120. Several were deleted, some were edited in Adobe Lightroom, and several quality shots were placed in my photo album on my laptop.

Custom Lighthouse CalendarKyle Morley-Erickson

My favourites were selected for gift projects. After researching companies that transfer photos onto different surfaces, I chose to make calendars, 1,000-piece puzzles, and cozy fleece blankets with my PEI lighthouses on them as thank-you gifts and Christmas presents. The gifts showcase my love of photography, and of a very special place that inspires me to capture its beauty.

The gifts were received with awe and appreciation. They were keepsakes of a journey not measured in distance travelled, but by the learning and joy gained through the lens of my camera.

My camera and I look forward to future travels to various provinces across Canada to capture the beauty and intrigue of our majestic country.

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Originally Published in Our Canada