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Looking for Canadian travel inspiration? From dreamy destinations to bucket list experiences, Travel Canada is your guide to the best the Great White North has to offer.

Hidden Gems in the Northwest Territories That Are Worth Exploring

You haven’t fully experienced the Northwest Territories until you’ve checked out these quirky sights and natural wonders.

Hidden Gems in Ontario That Are Yours to Discover

You haven’t fully experienced Ontario until you’ve checked out these one-of-a-kind attractions and natural wonders.

Amazing Hockey Photos That’ll Make You Want to Grab Your Skates

Capturing the magic of hockey, Canada's favourite winter sport.

This Alberta Family Made It Their Mission to Return a Lost WWI Campaign Medal

There were more than two million Star medals awarded after the First World War, but this is a story of...

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10 Greatest Movies That Are Actually Set in Canada

Canada doesn’t always get to play itself in the movies, but when it does, it often threatens to steal the...

Why Banff’s Tunnel Mountain Doesn’t Actually Have a Tunnel

...And more quirky Canadian Rockies trivia that will have you seeing these awe-inspiring mountains with fresh eyes.

The Worst Natural Disasters in Canadian History

Storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and even a volcanic eruption—Mother Nature has wreaked some impressive destruction throughout Canadian history. We rounded...

10 National Parks Every Canadian Needs to Visit

These national parks, one from each province, offer unique and awe-inspiring takes on “the great outdoors.”

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These Beautiful Butterflies Will Take Your Breath Away

This colourful gallery features winged wonders from across the country, both in the wild and in conservatories. It'll send you...

Canada’s Prettiest Covered Bridges

At the end of the 19th century, Canada was home to more than 1,400 covered bridges, mainly on the East...

Striking Architectural Photography From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture Canada's most impressive architecture on camera. From glittering steel skyscrapers to charming granite lighthouses, here...

Why This City is Called the Hailstorm Capital of Canada

In a 30-year span, it's been hit by two of the most devastating hailstorms in our country’s history.

Starting Our Next Chapter in Nova Scotia

And just like that, this southwestern Ontario couple found themselves empty-nesters. What better time to plant new roots in one...

13 Mind-Blowing Facts About Canada’s Geography

From "magical" lakes to record-breaking rocks, these eye-opening facts about Canada's geography will inspire you to see our country's landscapes...

Paddling B.C.’s Broughton Archipelago

Exploring the area's history, culture and wildlife by kayak.

How I Learned To Love Our Family Cottage—Chores And All

Instead of coming back to the cottage, Matthew Hague vowed to go anywhere else in the world. Here’s what changed.

5 Hidden Gems in Quebec That Are Worth Exploring

You haven’t fully experienced Quebec until you’ve checked out these quirky sights and off-the-beaten-path wonders.

All Aboard the Union Jack

A certified landlubber discovers the beauty of the B.C. coast aboard a heritage tugboat.

The Most Beautiful Places in Canada

We challenged you to photograph the most beautiful places in Canada, and you delivered! From pretty prairies to magnificent mountains,...

The Treasures of Tofino

Whether it's Indigenous crafts, the barnacle scars of a grey whale or the skills of expert surfers, Tofino leaves lasting...

5 Strange Canadian Laws You’ve Never Heard Of

Think you're a law-abiding citizen? It's possible you've broken one of these strange Canadian laws without even realizing it.

The Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Canada 

From hot tubs to helicopter rides, these unique vantage points of nature's most spectacular light show will blow your mind.

What Happened to the Bluenose?

The popular tourist attraction in Lunenburg Harbour isn’t the Bluenose, but the Bluenose II, which begs the question: What happened...

Where to Find Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts

Ontario has some of the best butter tarts in Canada. Here's everything you need to know to find your way...

It Was the Twilight of Radio—But the Dawn of Television

Charlottetown's Bernard J. Callaghan reflects on the 1950s programs that defined his childhood. How many of these classic series do...

How Vibrant Murals Keep This Small Prairie Town’s Roots Alive

The enormous works of art draw visitors from across the country, but they're more than mere decoration.

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Wildly Funny Photos From the Great Outdoors

Sometimes wildlife photography has its hilarious moments!

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The 10 Best Hiking Trails Across Canada

Lace up your hiking boots and get reacquainted with the greatest outdoors Canada has to offer.

Canoeing Through Eastern Ontario’s Backcountry Wilderness

Crotch Lake, in North Frontenac Park Lands, Ontario, offers the ideal, remote paddle-in camping getaway.