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13 Secrets Your Bartender Would Love to Tell You

Find out how being polite plays to your advantage—and why you should always skip snacking on the fruit garnishes—with these pieces of advice.

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1. Politeness Leads to Service

Yell, whistle, or wave money and I’m going to make you wait. Make eye contact and smile, and I’ll come over as soon as I can. Know what you want and have your money ready. Don’t create a traffic jam.

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2. Start a Tab

If I swipe your card five times this evening, that’s five times as much paperwork I have to do at 4 a.m.

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3. Don’t Be Stingy

You want a drink made “strong”? Then order a double—for double the price.

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4. Alcohol Trumps Food

Liquor sales in bars and restaurants were down in recent years. Even beer sales are slow. But people scrimp on food first, drinks second.

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5. Loyalty Can Be Worth Free Drinks

A lot of bars have comp tabs, which allows me to give away drinks. It’s smart business and helps build a base of regulars.

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6. Bar Booze May Be Tracked

Bars that don’t have regulars (in hotels, airports) have started using wireless gadgets that measure how much is poured and automatically ring up each shot. They’re meant to prevent overpouring and to cut losses, but I don’t like them—neither do customers.

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7. Tips Work on a Sliding Scale

If your tipping guideline is still “a buck a drink,” listen closely: That doesn’t fly if you order a $12 cocktail. Tip at least 15 per cent.

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8. That Fruit Probably Isn’t Fresh

At some bars, the sliced fruit garnishes sit out until they’re gone, sometimes for days. Munch accordingly.

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9. Avoid Coming on Too Strong

The smoothest guys compliment a woman, then walk away—it’s very non-threatening.

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10. Don’t Push Your Luck

I have the police on speed dial, and I never hesitate to call.

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11. Staying Late Doesn’t Make You Special

Don’t order a round of drinks after last call. Last call applies to everyone—even you.

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12. Don’t Hesitate to Request a Cab

Some of us get a cut from the cab company when we call a taxi for a tipsy patron. Not that I’ve ever done that, of course.

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13. I’m Staying Neutral

Last week, a couple had a little too much and got into a dumb argument, then asked me to choose the “winner” of the fight. There isn’t a tip big enough to get me involved in that situation!

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