How to Find the Perfect Petsitter

Find a way to keep your pet happy and on familiar turf when you go on holiday. Check out these suggestions to determine the safest and most economical petsitting alternative for you.  

Get Live-In Petsitting for Free

You’d be surprised how many animal lovers would relish the chance to stay in a nice house or area in exchange for looking after your pet. If you have to pay for this service it could cost you up to $60 per day. If  you prefer to pay, make sure you use someone who comes highly recommended and is worth the fee you are paying.

Go Halves With a Neighbour

If you find that neighbours are going away at the same time, you may be able to share their care arrangements.

Swap Petsitting for Babysitting

It may be easier to ask a neighbour to petsit if you can offer something they would value equally in return.

Form a Petsitting Club

Team up with pet owners in your vicinity and work out a petsitting co-op. You may be able to find like-minded individuals by speaking to other dog owners at your local park, or by posting notices on community centre boards.

Ask a Friend

Pet-loving friends or neighbours who have none of their own may be willing to come and stay with your animals.

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