Heartwarming Cat Stories That’ll Make You Smile

Need proof that felines make the purr-fect companions? These sweet cat stories from across Canada might convince you to make room in your home for another fur baby.

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Heartwarming Cat Stories - Molly
Kimberlee Collins

Cute Cat Stories From the Pages of Our Canada

Pick of the Litter

Molly came to our balcony door five years ago as a kitten. I took her to the vet to see if she was microchipped and sent pictures to the SPCA, but she wasn’t and no one claimed her. We searched for a ‘furever’ home for her but by the time the people could take her, we had fallen in love and could not give her up. They say pets choose you, and Molly definitely chose us! —Kimberlee Collins, Saint-Laurent, Quebec

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Cat Stories - Cat Sleeping In Tent
Teresa Culpeper

Camping Out With Charlie

This is our 13-year-old Birman kitty cat, Charlie. While he is strictly an indoor cat, he loves to ‘camp out’ in his kitty tent, safely tucked under the piano bench and facing the backyard, watching the birds, squirrels and bunnies—and even the raccoon family that made an appearance last summer! Charlie is too comfy to get up and go to the window to have a closer view, but he knows they are there, watching him, too. He also loves sleeping in the bathroom sink when the weather is hot, stretching out on the couch in his Super Kitty pose, or hanging out on the stereo speaker, overseeing whatever we are doing in the living room. Mostly, he loves to sleep and dream in his tent. He’s a great camper! —Teresa Culpeper, Mississauga, Ontario

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Sweet Georgie Boy
Janet Jephcott

Sweet Georgie Boy

Georgie came to me when he was a tiny kitten, as big as his entire head is now! The neighbouring farm folk had left him on my doorstep early one morning, loudly mewing for love and care. He was a sickly little one but I nurtured him as best I could. Since then he has become my dearest companion. Now nine years old, he helps me find peace and calm with his gentle ways and his silly playfulness! He loves to romp around the house with his cat buddies, which is really quite funny! Needless to say, he brings sunshine into my life every day! —Janet Jephcott, Newmarket, Ontario

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Cat And Dog Cuddling
Wendy Sumner

All in the Family

Our dog, Abby, and cat, Puff, have shared almost 11 years together. Most days, they behave like the characters Garfield and Odie from the “Garfield” comic strip! Puff is very much in charge and believes he has the greater wisdom. He stoically tolerates Abby’s often goofy behaviour. If Puff finds Abby’s bed first, he sleeps in the middle of it, hogging as much space as an 18-pound cat possibly can. Abby just sighs and lays on the floor. But if Abby is sleeping there first, well, of course, there is room for Puff and he moves as close to Abby as possible! —Wendy Sumner, Sherwood Park, Alberta

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Hello Dolly Cat
Alan Cheng

Hello, Dolly!

This is Dolly; we adopted her from the Toronto Humane Society when she was a few months old. Sadly, Dolly passed away in 2018 at the age of 11, but over the years she brought so much fun and happiness to our family. An intelligent cat, she was very affectionate friendly and playful. Many nights as we sat in the family room watching TV, Dolly would jump up on our laps to watch with us—but I don’t know if she understood what the program was about! It was difficult for her to sit quietly so I could take a photo of her—I captured this one when she was five years old. We still miss her very much. —Alan Cheng, Scarborough, Ontario

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Two Cats Cuddling
Robbie Gorr

The Purr Brothers

Jasper (left) and Percy were two of four litter-mates that I found at the local animal shelter and adopted 12 years ago when they were just ten weeks old. Percy is a Russian blue, while Jasper is a tabby with tan, white, grey and blue markings. Nicknamed the “Purr Brothers,” they are best buddies and are rarely out of each other’s sight, spending much time playing, cuddling and napping together. —Robbie Gorr, Petawawa, Ontario

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Christmas Cat
BG Pawlak

Christmas Kitty

This is NeHani, my rescue kitty from the SPCA here in Orillia. When I visited the SPCA, NeHani was in a cage by herself, not in the large adoption room. I asked about her and the staff stated that “she did not play well with others.” I asked to see her and she immediately snuggled into my neck and started purring; I knew then she was going to come home with me. The next day my friend, who speaks the Indigenous language Dene, came over to visit and asked the name of the cat. I said I was still thinking about it, while the cat was running around my place like she was being chased. My friend suggested that I call her NeHani as it means to “run free” in Dene. It seemed a suitable name for her after being cooped up in a cage for six weeks! NeHani, now five, is a silver-and-white tabby. According to my vet, silver tabbies are very uncommon. She enjoys eating sweet potatoes— as long as they are mixed with maple syrup! The hat NeHani is wearing in this pic was made by my best friend and NeHani was agreeable to wearing it so I took a photo—it was her first Christmas with me. —BG Pawlak, Orillia, Ontario

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Two Black Cats
Judy Neelands

Best Pals

We babysat Gus and his sister, Gerty, on and off for the past four years before they came to live with my husband, Frank, and me permanently in May 2020. Typical siblings, they play together, snuggle, occasionally take the odd swipe at each other and see who can get to the sunniest patch on the living room floor first. They’re such good company we could not imagine not having them in our lives. —Judy Neelands, Red Deer, Alberta

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Cat Stories - Siamese Kitten
Rita Murphy

Blue-Eyed Beauty

This is my Siamese kitten, Linus. I called him that after the famous character of the same name from the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon, as he was always pulling his blanket out of his basket and dragging it around the house. He was very entertaining as a kitten! Linus is a year old now and thriving. —Rita Murphy, Northside East Bay, Nova Scotia

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