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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: 7 Easy Ways

How do you keep your dog healthy? Make sure your dog has a long and happy life by following these easy, everyday tips for keeping pups healthy.

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

How do you keep your dog healthy? No one knows pets like Mindy Dobrow, a proud dog mom and the owner of Brookline Grooming, a premiere New England destination for grooming and pet supplies. With over 38 years of experience and a wholehearted dedication to the health and well-being of animals, Mindy offers seven greats tips for a healthy pet:

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: Groom Regularly

Even if your long haired dog or cat doesn’t have a fancy ‘do, grooming every 3-6 weeks is a good way to keep your dog healthy. Trimming the hair will allow your pet to see well and will prevent eye irritation, which can occur if the fur grows too long. Grooming also helps prevent ear infections, which are especially prevalent in floppy-eared dogs.

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy: Brush Regularly

Don’t just brush when you notice that they need it. Keep your dog healthy with regular brushing, which will get your pet used to the action so they’re not scared, fussy or uncomfortable when you do it — and of course, take out the dead fur.

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How To Have a Healthy Dog: Provide a Balanced Diet

Each pet has its own dietary needs, so make sure you cater to his or her specific situation and provide a good balance of protein in order to keep them healthy.

Also be sure to supplement with fish oils. Veterinarians first used omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil to treat canine and feline allergies, but now recommend it for a wide variety of conditions ranging from kidney disease to arthritis and high cholesterol. Adding fish oil to your pet’s food provides anti-inflammatory effects and can help relieve itching and scratching and allergy related skin conditions.

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How to Have a Healthy Dog: Brush their Teeth Regularly

Regular brushing can help prevent dental disease (which can be difficult to detect) and keep your pup healthy. But make sure you brush with a toothpaste specifically developed for pets. Do not use human toothpaste, because your pet is likely to swallow it, which irritates the stomach.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Dog: Offer Frequent Exercise

Maintaining a healthy pet comes with a varied exercise routine that will help your dog stay in shape, stimulate blood flow and circulation and prevent boredom. Just make sure to avoid these common exercise mistakes.

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How Do I Ensure a Healthy Dog? Don’t Over Inoculate Them

Ensuring a healthy dog comes through educating yourself. Titer them first: “Titer” refers to the strength or concentration of a substance in a solution. When testing vaccine titers in dogs, a veterinarian takes a blood sample from a dog and has the blood tested for the presence and strength of the dog’s immunological response to a viral disease. If the dog demonstrates satisfactory levels of vaccine titers, the dog is considered sufficiently immune to the disease, or possessing good “immunologic memory,” and not in need of further vaccination against the disease at that time.

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How to Preserve Your Dog’s Health: Give Your Dog a Bone

Raw knuckle bones (the joints) in particular are a great way to preserve your dog’s health because they are soft and still have some tendons and muscle meat attached. These bones clean your dog’s teeth in addition to providing them with a nice oral workout — not to mention a healthy dose of natural calcium. Raw bones are recommended over cooked or sterilized bones, as cooked bones are more likely to splinter from the effect that high temperatures have on them. Cooking them will also deprive your dog of the beneficial nutrients in raw bones.

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