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5 Lazy Summer Accessories for Your Pet

Pets need a summer break, too, you know. Here are five lounge-ready picks for your furry family.

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The Stylish Recliner

A cottage-country icon has gone to the dogs. With the Cypress Adirondack Pet Chair, you won’t need to worry about keeping up with the Joneses-you’ll be the Joneses. From US$79.99,

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The Portable Pet Tent

Camping with a dog can mean muddy paws and a sopping-wet coat. Keep your shelter clean and dry by giving your pup the Petego Umbra Pet Tent. It pops up like an umbrella and collapses just as easily. $130,

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The Purrrfect Cabin

Time for a catnap? Your tuckered feline can curl up in the KatKabin, an outdoor shelter tailor-made for long summer days. It even has a clip-on cat flap for alone time or protection from the rain. US$99,

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The Ultimate Doggie Bed

If you’re taking Fido on a road trip, pack the Kurgo Wander Bed for his downtime. It’s waterproof on the bottom and rolls up easily, making it ideal for camping or the beach. From US$50,

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The Pet Snuggie

The Furry Gems Velour Hoodie is basically a Snuggie for your small dog. It doesn’t get lazier than that. $19.99,