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4 Fun Pet Apps and Toys

Save the couch from cat claws and keep your furry friends entertrained with these fun new pet accessories.

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1. Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Save the furniture with the Cat DJ Scratching Deck, a 15 by 14 inch cardboard mat in the shape of a club-worthy mixing deck. All that’s missing are the kitty-sized headphones.

Price: $35

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2. Affection Collection App

Indoor cats can blow off steam with the Affection Collection, an iPad app featuring three animated challenges: protect cheese from hungry mice, chase a ball of yarn and cook up a meal.

Price: Free

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3. Sphero Robotic Ball

Ditch that ratty old squeaky toy for Sphero, a robotic LED-lit ball controlled by iPhone via Bluetooth. Play games in the dark or channel Big Brother and capture footage of your pet’s antics using the SpheroCam app.

Price: $130

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4. iPet Companion

Owners with separation anxiety, relax. The iPet Companion system lets users log in to an interactive page and entertain Fido via webcam using remote control toys at home.

Price: $350-$395