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4 Fat Cat Workout Tips

If you’re cat is overweight, chances are you know how hard it can be to get them back in shape. Try these quick, easy techniques to get Fluffy fit again.

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Use Toys

Teresa Chu, a Saskatoon veterinarian, says: “Cats tend to be attracted to small birds or to rodents.” To find out if your pet responds best to toys that dangle in the air or to those that roll along the floor, use a laser pointer to see if he chases the light along the baseboard, or higher up across the wall. No matter what toy you use, give your cat the satisfaction of catching it.

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Use Food

Treat balls, such as Pet Safe’s SlimCat Interactive Feeder, have a hole into which you can insert kibble – the treats are released when he bats the ball around. There are also paw-activated feeders such as the Catit Senses Food Maze.

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Alternate Their Feeding Spot

“That works the cat’s hunting behaviours,” says Chu. Or put portions of his meal in different places to exercise his mind and body. You could also move the litter box up or down some stairs to get to it. But, Chu warns, keep one litter box in the original spot initial, or he may start to pee around the house.

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Make Time to Play

Exercise is learned behavior for cats, says Chu, so train your cat to play for 30 minutes a day – preferably at a regular time, since cats are creatures of habit.