7 Home Staging Tips Guaranteed to Attract Buyers

The trick to selling your home is to make it as presentable and appealing as possible. These 7 tips can help you get your house looking its best for potential buyers.

7 Home Staging Tips Guaranteed to Attract Buyers

Most people decide whether or not they are comfortable in a property within the first few seconds of entering; and when they are looking for a home, that first impression is crucial to a quick, well-priced sale. A home staging professional works with clients to prepare their home for sale by consulting on refining or refurbishing the visual look and feel of the property to ensure it is featured for its target market in the best possible way. The staging process can be complex, getting the right advice is important.

However, we have provided you with seven simple tips to give homeowners a head start when selling their homes.

  1. Ensure proper lighting. Correct lighting is so important to every room. The standard staging advice is to turn on all the lights throughout the house to help show off the lighting. “Daylight compact fluorescent” bulbs are best.
  2. Clean reflective surfaces. Clean the windows inside and out and check other reflective surfaces throughout the house to bounce extra light. Consider all glass surfaces, refrigerators, counter tops and art.
  3. Go for curb appeal. Go beyond cutting the grass and planting flowers. Think of it as drive by appeal. Review the front door, get a new mat and make sure the house numbers are visible from the street.
  4. Review the minor details. Review your home for minor flaws. Pay attention to the smallest details as they are the ones that detract equity, such as, dripping faucets, chipped paint, or cracks in the driveway.
  5. Ensure it shows well. Ensure all selling features have been addressed. Pay attention to the focal points, sight lines and traffic patterns. Check if your eyes are drawn to the best features.
  6. Put away the family photos. All family photos and any extra items smaller than your fist, should be packed away to make room for the new family. Closets need attention too, so pack away 2/3rds of everything.
  7. When you don’t know where to start – hire a professional. Home staging is here to stay. It is not a fad or a trend but rather a smart business practice. The best advice is being sure you complete the home staging process thoroughly and effectively before any marketing starts. You will have a hard time increasing the list price after it’s on the market.





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