Home Organizing Hacks to Help You Conquer Clutter

Repurposing these everyday items can bring order to chaos.

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Home organization hacks - mens' belts
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8 Brilliant Home Organization Hacks

In the loop

Corral a chaotic collection of belts with shower curtain rings. Feed the belt buckles through the curtain ring, then hang the ring directly on your closet rod.

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Carabiner clip hack
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A smarter way to shop

A large carabiner clip is the key to organized grocery runs. Loop the handles of your reusable bags through the clip, then clip the bundle to your cart. When it’s time to bring the bags from your car into the house, loop the handles back through the clip to carry multiple bags at once.

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Pop can tabs
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A simple space-saver

Take your closet storage vertical with help from a few pop-can tabs. Loop a tab around the wire hook of a hanger, then hang another hanger from the tab’s hole. You’ve just created a cascading pants hanger—and saved a little space.

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Home Organization Hacks - Hanging Shoe Organizer

Instant car organizer

Is your car so scattered with items it’s like a junk drawer on wheels? A shoe organizer hung from the back of the front passenger seat is a one-stop-shop for everything from tissue packets to your umbrella.

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Home organization hacks - folded bed linens
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Bundle your bedding

Keep matching bed linens together by storing folded fitted sheets and flat sheets inside the pillowcases from the set.

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Mess of power cords
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Label those cables

Don’t throw out those little plastic bread clips. Instead, take a page from Family Handyman‘s playbook and use them to keep track of that mess of cords that lead into the power bar under your home entertainment unit. Using a felt tip marker, write the name of each device (“TV,” “DVD,” etc.) onto a bread clip, and attach it to the cord. The next time you’ve got to fiddle around with the cables, you’ll know exactly what’s what.

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Hand holding tweezers against yellow backdrop
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Track your tweezers

Never lose your tweezers again: add adhesive magnets to your medicine cabinet, onto which you can stick tweezers and other metal items like manicure scissors.

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Cardboard wine box with dividers
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Ready-made shoe storage

A wine box or bag—complete with dividers—is the ideal storage solution for seasonal shoes.

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