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Ready to live your healthiest life? From the best vitamins and supplements to everyday habits that boost your mental health and wellness, these healthy living tips are a great place to start.

18 Things Nurses Secretly Wish You’d Stop Doing

So that old joke about making sure they operate on the right part? It's actually not that funny.

11 Germ-Spreading Items You’re Probably Carrying Right Now

Don't forget to sanitize these items that are probably grosser than you realize.

11 Things COVID-19 Has Made People Change About Their Home Lives

To learn the various adjustments people have made to their basic home lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, the experts at...

Why You Should Still Use Your Vacation Days During Quarantine

By taking time away from work, you take much-needed recovery time for yourself.

4 Tips to Maintain Your Health and Wellness While Working From Home

Tips and tricks to stay entertained and fit while social distancing.

13 Things Canadian Nurses Wish You Knew

Here's why you should forgive your nurses if they get grumpy—and never, ever distract them when they're preparing your medication.

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How to Safely Remove Disposable Gloves

Who knew there was a right and wrong way to remove disposable gloves? Follow these steps to maintain a protective...

Here’s How to Self-Isolate if You Live With Your Family

Social distancing isn't easy for anyone, but it can be especially tricky when multiple people live together. Even if you're...

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Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching These 10 Things

Washing your hands is a given if you want to avoid germs—but it's especially important after touching these microbe magnets.

How to Avoid Germs When Grocery Shopping, According to Consumer Reports

Before you head out to the grocery store, read up on these expert guidelines to ensure your safety.

What 12 Centenarians Taught Me About How to Live to 100

The simple things in life can make the biggest impact.

I’m a Therapist. Here’s How I’m Staying Sane During Coronavirus Quarantine

We're experiencing a mental health crisis around the world right now.

10 Surprising Ways Gardening Is One of the Healthiest Things You Can Do

Gardening does a lot more than make your yard look nice or deliver fresh veggies. It can boost your immune...

9 Warning Signs Your Elderly Parent Shouldn’t Be Living Alone Anymore

Moving aging parents to a living arrangement that offers care and support is difficult, but sometimes it's the only way...

Here’s Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are Good for Your Brain

Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just fun. They can also relieve anxiety, especially when 
you put them together, well, together.

11 Wonderful Things That Will Never Be Cancelled

While many things might be unavailable right now due to COVID-19, it's important to focus on the wonderful things we...

If You Aren’t Washing Your Hands After Touching Money, This Will Convince You to Start

This gives a whole new meaning to the term “dirty money.”

When Your Whole Life Gets Cancelled, Here’s What to Do Instead

Stuck at home? Do these things to get through a quarantine healthier, happier, smarter and even a few pounds lighter!

8 Ways to Cope When the World Seems Like a Horrible Place

Between pandemics, natural disasters and acts of terrorism, the world can sometimes seem like a cruel and frightening place. The...

10 Ways You’re Washing Your Hands Wrong

Improper handwashing can leave you susceptible to germs. Make sure you’re not making common hand-washing mistakes.

12 Things You’re Probably Sharing That Germ Experts Wouldn’t

Sharing isn't always caring. Here are the items germaphobes will want to keep to themselves.

12 Common Teeth-Cleaning Mistakes That Make Dentists Cringe

From rushing your toothbrushing to overusing whitening products, we asked dentists to reveal the dental mistakes that make them cringe.

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14 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

While the uses for white vinegar are plentiful, apple cider vinegar has arguably even more applications—some people have turned to...

Why You Should Do a Home Air Quality Test

Your home is your safe haven—a place where you can relax, put your feet up and enjoy time with family....

50 Reasons Why You’ll Age Better Than Your Parents

From new medical treatments to smarter nutrition, today's adults have a good shot at living healthier into old age.

40 Ways to Slash Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Practice osteoporosis prevention with these 40 ways that help lower risk, from adding more calcium to your diet to testing...