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5 Ways to Keep Your Family Active

For children and adults alike, daily physical activity is not only good, but necessary. Here are five fun activities you can do to spend time together and remain active at the same time.

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There are lots of ways for families to remain active together.

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Enrol Your Children in Sports

Many schools offer great sports programs. Sign your child up for a sport like hockey, soccer, basketball, swimming or anything that might pique their interest. To get the family involved, make attending your child’s sporting events a family affair. Not only will your child feel supported, but it’ll give everyone in the house an excuse to get up and get going. Or you can take the opportunity to do some exercise of your own while your child is busy with their activity.

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Walk after Dinner

Even if it’s only for a half hour, walking around the neighbourhood with your family a few nights a week is a great way to stay fit. In fall, the weather is still warm enough for you to spend time outdoors comfortably. Besides, a good walk will allow you and your family to bond with one another while remaining active. To bring more excitement to the table, turn your evening walks into something fun for the whole family, like a scavenger hunt.

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Cook as a Family

When it comes to mealtime preparation, ask your children to help you out. They can help plan meals, shop for groceries and prep and fetch ingredients. It’ll keep them on the move while they spend time with everyone. Bonus: The meal preparation process is much easier when you have help, and kids are more likely to eat healthier ingredients when they helped pick the recipe.


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Clean the House Together

Keeping a house tidy while raising a family and working every day is a huge challenge most families face. Instead of trying to do all the work yourself, assign weekly chores to your children. Make them each responsible for an age-appropriate task and make sure everyone does their cleaning at the same time. If you do this once a week, the house will be cleaned up in no time and your children will remain active while learning responsibility.


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Rake the Leaves

Raking leaves can be a fun and entertaining activity for both parents and children. It’ll keep everyone physically active for at least 30 minutes. Plus, it’ll give everyone a chance to spend time together as a family. Despite a busy work schedule, raking the leaves is a necessary household task that can easily fit into any family’s routine.