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The Céline Dion vs. Celine Dion Faceoff

With her new French album ‘Sans Attendre’ recently released and a new English language record coming in 2013, discover how the best-selling Canadian singer’s linguistic identities stack up.

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Céline: 1968
Celine: 1990



: 14 Albums
Celine: 10 Albums

(Photo: Anirudh Koul/Flickr)

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Céline: René Angélil
Celine: René Angélil


: Quebec, France
Celine: The universe

(Photo: Nicholas Laffont/Flickr)

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Signature Song

Céline: “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”
Celine: “My Heart Will Go On”


Céline: Looking skyward, chest thump
Celine: Chest thump, leg lunge

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Spirit Animal

Céline: The dove
Celine: Barbra Streisand


Céline: Julie Snyder
Celine: Oprah Winfrey

(Photo: iStockphoto/Thinkstock)

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Political Statement

Céline: Keeping mum on sovereignty
Celine: Crying about Hurricane Katrina

Big Gig

Céline: Free show on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City
Celine: Freewheeling show at Caesars Palace in Vegas

(Photo: Arnold C/Wikimedia Commons)

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Island Paradise

Céline: $29 million mansion in Île Gagnon in Quebec
Celine: $20 million mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida

Smoked Meat Empire

Céline: Nickels
Celine: Schwartz’s

(Photo: adie reed/Flickr)