Classic Cars

Tips for classic car owners, impressive before-and-after classic car restorations, nostalgia for classic cars, and articles on sports cars and other specialty vehicles.

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You Won’t Believe How Much These Celebrity-Owned Cars Fetched at Auction

When the world’s rich and famous decide to sell their cars, the simple fact that the vehicle was owned by...

A Love Affair With the 1955 Chevy Bel Air

When I spotted the ad for the car that had been my dream since childhood, I knew I had to...

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Incredible True Stories of Classic Cars Found Abandoned in Barns

It sounds like something out of a movie: a long-neglected barn, dust dancing in the single beam of sunlight that...

Check Out This Impressive Collection of Home Hardware Diecast Trucks

Dan Brown's 300-plus die-cast trucks are sure to impress collectors and auto enthusiasts alike.

Building a Replica 1915 Model T Military Ambulance

Sharing a love for vintage cars, two old friends come together for one last hurrah.

Check Out This Race Car Enthusiast’s One-of-a-Kind Camaro

Warren Bergman's distinctive 2018 Camaro sports a paint job inspired by a Chevy 1956 Bel Air.

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This Is What a “Luxury Car” Looked Like 60 Years Ago

The high-end features in luxury cars from the 1960s looked a lot different than the luxury brands today, but one...

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Think You Know Your Classic Cars?

Put your knowledge of vintage vehicles to the ultimate test with our tricky classic car quiz.

These Vintage Car Advertisements Haven’t Aged Well

Marketing has come a long way since the '50s.

How the Ford Mustang Became a Cultural Icon

Certain car brands are more than mere steel, plastic and glass, but a metaphor that breaks all conventionality. The Mustang...

A Truckload of Memories: The 1935 Maple Leaf

To some, that 1935 Maple Leaf was a decrepit old relic. To Ken Skjonsby, it was an old friend.

This is What Cars Looked Like 50 Years Ago

These popular car brands certainly looked a lot different!

You Won’t Believe the Before and After Shots of This 1952 Studebaker Truck Restoration

A family project resurrects a hard-working Studebaker truck from the postwar era.

17 Vintage Motorcycles You’ll Want to Ride Today

The way motorcycles look has changed a little over the years, but people have always enjoyed cruising on the open...

5 Great Movies With Mustangs

To celebrate the look and longevity of one of cinema’s most iconic vehicles, we’re counting down our favourite movies with...

10 Classic Cars That Are Still Being Made Today

Vehicles come and go, but these truly iconic cars have stood the test of time.

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The Most Popular Car the Year You Were Born

Take a stroll down memory lane—past the Studebakers, Skylines, Supras, and Saturns—on this fun automotive nostalgia trip. Here is the...

This Is How Much Classic Cars Cost in the 1950s—and What They’re Worth Today

Drivers could get the ride of their dreams for a real steal in the 1950s.

A Passion For Classics: My Life With Buicks

The moment he laid eyes on a Buick his father bought in the late 1940s, Keith Horsfall has never wanted...

How to Organize a Classic Car Cruise

There's no better way to share your passion for vintage automobiles than to organize a classic car cruise for you...

10 Car Models We Wish Would Return

They may be discontinued, but these cool cars continue to impress people around the world.

Farewell to the Beetle: Our Favourite TV and Film Appearances the Car Made

As production on this iconic car winds down, we look at the mark it has made on pop culture.

How a Group of Model T Racers is Raising Money For an Alberta Museum

The race, put on a by a group called the Model T Barnyard Racers, has become a popular annual event...

Regal Rides: 10 Cars Driven by the British Royal Family

Ever wonder what the garage looks like at Buckingham Palace? This gallery of cars owned and driven by the British...

10 Car Commercials That Have Not Aged Well

Maybe it would've been better to forget some of these car commercials.

Which Famous Movie Cars Would You Want to Drive?

When movies make cars the stars, you can bet fans will daydream about getting behind the wheel. One of these...

James Bond Movie Cars—Ranked

Since 1962, there have been 24 Bond movies. Here we've highlighted 17 cars, beginning with the least memorable, and ending...

Dream Garage Tour: Double-Decker Car Storage

Innovative two-tier car parking and storage, special ventilation, super organization and diamond-plate décor make this dream garage a palace for...

Hot Wheels Is Reviving Five Classic 1960s Cars—and They Still Look Gorgeous

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Hot Wheels is re-releasing five of the “Original 16” die-cast cars—now among the most...