How to Organize a Classic Car Cruise

There's no better way to share your passion for vintage automobiles than to organize a classic car cruise for you and your fellow enthusiasts.

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Classic car cruise tips
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Organizing a Classic Car Cruise

Owners of antique and classic cars love to show off their vehicles by attending car shows, lifting the hood and sharing the automotive technology of the past with both passersby and fellow enthusiasts. But above all, collectors of classic and antique cars love to drive them.

A classic car cruise gives enthusiasts the chance to do just that. There is nothing more thrilling than a parade of classic cars travelling through town, and organizing an event in your home town is the perfect way to share your pride and joy with the wider world. Here are easy steps you can take that will make your classic car cruise dream a reality.

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Classic car cruise organizing tips
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Get in Touch with Your Local Municipal Officials

You’ll likely need permission to run your classic car cruise. It may require the closing of local streets and will involve lots of advance advertising. Talk to your local municipality about how to make sure you get this all done in time.

Be sure to start planning with plenty of time to spare. The wheels of bureaucracy can move pretty slowly, and the more time you give yourself the better off you’ll be.

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Reach Out to Local Car Clubs

You can’t have a classic car cruise night without plenty of classic cars, so you’ll want to reach out to local owners and solicit their participation. The best way to do that is to contact local car clubs and letting them know you’re planning a special event.

If there’s such an organization in your town, you’re in luck. If not, you may need to reach out to car clubs in the surrounding area. Owners of antique and classic cars love to travel to shows and other events, so you probably won’t have much trouble attracting participants.

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Purchase Prizes and Advertise Lots

Some classic car cruises are just for fun, but others double as competitions. If you plan to have competitive classes for your classic cruise night, you’ll need to select appropriate prizes for the winners and participants.

Owners of antique and classic cars love their trophies—and the bigger the better. Check the local trophy shop or go online for ideas, then purchase prizes your participants will be happy to place on their mantles.

You may also want to order dash plaques for all the participants. Dash plaques are a great way for owners to show off to their fellow motorists, so they’ll be a great draw for your event.

Remember to advertise a lot in targeted places before your event. Classic car magazines and websites are obvious choices, as are local auto parts stores and similar venues. If there are car shows and cruises scheduled in the region, print up some flyers and hand them out at these events.

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How to organize a classic car cruise
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Have Fun

When the big day arrives, plan to get there early so you ca greet drivers as they come in. Provide directions to the parade route and information about any competitions. Above all, have fun and enjoy hanging out with your fellow automotive enthusiasts.

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