Check Out This Impressive Collection of Home Hardware Diecast Trucks

Dan Brown's 300-plus die-cast trucks are sure to impress collectors and auto enthusiasts alike.

I started collecting diecast model trucks and cars after receiving my first Canadian Tire collectible from my brother-in-law, Dave, in 1992—I was hooked. Being a letter carrier and delivering to businesses, I’d buy their 1:24 scale models featuring such company names as NAPA, IDA, Watkins, Sears and Home Hardware. I now own 352 models altogether, including the entire collection of Canadian Tire store-issued collectibles, all of their 1:64 scale transports and the JM Schneider collection.

My pride and joy is my Home Hardware diecast truck collection. After contacting their head office in St. Jacobs, Ontario, I received a list of all the trucks they issued. Since moving to Southern Ontario several years ago, my wife Cheryl (who is just as excited to find a truck as I am) and I have been able to complete almost the entire collection, with the exception of three 1:64 scale trucks. Recently, I acquired a 1:24 scale model of a 1964 baby-blue 40th-anniversary edition Mustang hardtop that I’d been searching for, from a person in Newfoundland. I also acquired the first-ever Home Hardware transport issued in 1975 in its original box. I am thrilled to own it. I found them all by driving to Home Hardware locations in small farming communities, as well as flea markets, toy shows and antique markets. I have also found some on online sites.

In addition, I have a little riding truck that once belonged to my granddaughter, Kirsten, who is now in her twenties! It’s decorated with specially-made decals to look like a Home Hardware truck.

In Cheryl’s opinion, we never really outgrow our love of toys. Now that I’m retired, there’s more time to collect—retirement has its rewards.

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Originally Published in Our Canada