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These Vintage Car Advertisements Haven’t Aged Well

Marketing has come a long way since the '50s.

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'52 oldsmobile adPhoto: Reminisce

“Rocket” Oldsmobile

This modern classic hit the market in the 1950s. Its print ad said that it offered hydraulic steering and a new Hydra-Matic Super Drive engine! Sounds very sci-fi.

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'63 compact dodge dart adPhoto: Reminisce

Dodge Dart

This new car had room for a sizable crew—and a low price tag, to boot. The print ad published in 1960 showed exactly how you could squeeze six adults in there. Wonder how comfortable they were?

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'67 pontiac grand prix convertiblePhoto: Reminisce

’67 Grand Prix

You could put the top down on the new ’67 Grand Prix to make a luxurious convertible.

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63 Mercury Comet adPhoto: Reminisce

’63 Mercury Comet

This model was one of Ford’s first convertibles. It offered adjustable brakes and an optional stick shift.

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'68 oldsmobile adPhoto: Reminisce

’68 Cutlass S

This ’68 Oldsmobile was marketed as anything but “old,” targeting a new demographic with the “Youngmobile” tagline.

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'66 dodge polara adPhoto: Reminisce

’66 Dodge Polara

The Polara promised more “go, show, and spice” for the same price as smaller models. Exactly what “spice” entails is anyone’s guess.

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'64 buick skylarkPhoto: Reminisce

Buick Skylark

This Buick hit the market in 1964 and offered a “posh and peaceful” interior.

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'67 mercury cyclone adPhoto: Reminisce

Mercury Cyclone ’67

The Mercury Cyclone was marketed as “the Man’s Car for men who like their action big!” My, how advertising has changed!

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'74 monte carlo chevorlet adPhoto: Reminisce

Monte Carlo Landau

Chevrolet designed this elegantly sculpted automobile in 1970 with the intention of turning heads.

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'63 dodge adPhoto: Reminisce

1963 Dodge

This car was almost 18 feet long! Imagine trying to parallel park that beast in a city spot these days…

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'58 swept wing dodge adPhoto: Reminisce

Swept-Wing, 1958

The Swept-Wing by Dodge offered a more “cooped-up” look. Did that mean something different back in the ’50s?

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dodge coronet adPhoto: Reminisce

Dodge Coronet

When this shiny red convertible hit the market in 1966, it was advertised as being “slim and trim” and “neat and nifty.”

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Monterey S-5 Mercury adPhoto: Reminisce

Monterey S-55, 1962

Wow. That’s a lot of red.

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'60 de soto adPhoto: Reminisce

’60 De Soto

You didn’t have to be rich to buy this car, but the advertisement sure made it seem nice.

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'68 cadillac adPhoto: Reminisce

Command Performance

This shiny gold car by Cadillac came out in 1968.

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