How a Group of Model T Racers is Raising Money For an Alberta Museum

The race, put on a by a group called the Model T Barnyard Racers, has become a popular annual event in High River, Alberta.

Model T RacePhoto: Janice Storch

This Model T Race Raises Funds for an Alberta Museum

One of the most popular community gatherings in the High River, Alberta area is an annual fundraiser put on by the local Call of the West Museum. This heritage museum houses a large collection of vintage tractors and farm equipment, as well as Model T cars and trucks and a tremendous assortment of memorabilia. It’s all run by volunteers and the money from fundraisers and admission sales keeps the museum humming along.

Among other offerings, the annual event features a tractor pull competition and the Model T race, which always draws an appreciative crowd. The race is put on by a group called the Model T Barnyard Racers, and was first held in 2013. Nowadays about 1,400 to 1,500 spectators come to the High River Rodeo Grounds to watch up to 14 Model T’s race around the track.

I snapped this photo at last summer’s race. The driver is Peter Anderson from Hussar, Alberta, but the car is actually owned by Gordon Rasmussen, from Standard, Alberta. Gordon told me that he raced the car himself from 1941 to 1951; he now lets Peter drive it, but for sentimental reasons, he and his wife decided to maintain ownership. The event always coincides with Father’s Day and makes for a fun family outing for locals and visitors alike. If you’re in our area next June, why not join the fun! For more information, visit the High River Agricultural Society website.

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Originally Published in Our Canada