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World's Most Thrilling Camping Destinations

Grab your sleeping bags, coolers and marshmallows. Camping season has arrived! But we’re not talking your typical camping destinations. Climb outside your comfort zone with these mind-blowing camping adventures.

By Jackie Middleton for

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1. Camp on Antarctica

Once upon a time the South Pole was only frequented by penguins and researchers. But now intrepid campers can follow in their footsteps and gaze upon the untouched splendour and quiet solitude of Antarctica. Adventure Network International warmly invites travellers to their Union Glacier Camp based in the Southern Ellsworth Mountains. ANI ensure that all their guests are treated to exquisite hospitality. Their comfy tents, based on the design used by Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition, are heated naturally by 24-hour sunlight. Meals are freshly prepared on site, enabling guests to concentrate solely on ice climbing, cross-country skiing and exploring. ANI’s full service camp is open during Antarctica’s summer – November through to January.

(Photo courtesy of ANI)

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