The 10 Best Places in the World To Swim (1/10)

Whether you're diving into the deep caldera of an extinct volcano or skimming along the top of crystal-clear waters, the world offers many truly awesome places for a beautiful swim. Here are the 10 best that you'll find anywhere on earth.

1. Red Beach, Santorini , Greece

1. Red Beach, Santorini , Greece

A crescent-shaped island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, Santorini was once a massive volcano-archaeologists say it blew its top way back in the Bronze Age. It left behind a fascinating place where whitewashed buildings cling to the edge of towering sea cliffs, and beaches come in many colours-including black, brown, white and even red. At Red Beach, iron-rich sands-and the cliffs that hem them in- have taken a curious and beautiful rust-coloured hue, which forms a stark contrast when they intersect with the beach’s deep blue waters.


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