These Are The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

Looking to book a romantic getaway with your significant other? Consider adding any or all of these idyllic spots to your itinerary.

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Most romantic places - Tiergarten, Berlin
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While Berlin may not sound like the most romantic spot in the world, the city definitely has the charm to reel couples in. From the gorgeous Tiergarten (which includes an urban park, cafés, and a garden) to the grounds of Charlottenbeurg Palace, a twosome can easily get lost in their surroundings (and one another!) while on vacation here. Another popular draw for couples, particularly newly-married ones? The Weidendammer Bridge, where couples over the years have engraved their names and wedding date on a padlock, shackled it to the wrought iron railings, and then thrown the key into the Spree river, as a symbol of their ever-lasting love.

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Eiffel tower - romantic spots


Including this iconic structure in this list is a no-brainer; Paris is known as the “City of Love”, after all! There is a never-ending parade of romantic things to do in France’s capital city: lunch at a romantic café in Montmartre, taking a stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens, visiting Le mur des je t’aime (“The Wall of I Love You”) on which those three magic words are written in over 250 different languages…  But the most popular, and some may say the most cliché, is a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Not only for the breathtaking views of Paris that it offers from the third level observatory, but also to take the requisite couple’s kissing photo at its base.

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Ireland castles - romantic spots


Amidst the lush greens and the moody skies, historic castles pepper Ireland’s landscape. While an inn atop a pub in Dublin may be the go-to accommodation, we suggest making the trek outside the city for a romantic and incomparable stay in one of the country’s many castles and manors. Many are hundreds of years old, but still successfully manage to marry the charms of the past with more modern amenities within. Some of the more well-known castles include Adare Manor in Limerick and Dromoland Castle in Newmarket-on-Fergus, but there are plenty to choose from and some may even offer free pick-up and drop-off in cities like Cork and Dublin.

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Big sur - romantic spots

Big Sur, California

Nearly 400km away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles lies Big Sur, a tranquil area where the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Lucia Mountains come together. It’s certainly a nature lover’s paradise, but even if you’re not fans of “roughing it”, you can’t help but be drawn into the awesome beauty of the region, particularly at night when it is covered by a blanket of stars. The many oceanside don’t hurt either, if you’re simply a fan of viewing the mountains from the comfort of your room. There are various state parks that are worth the visit, as well as beaches, in particular the virtually untouched Pfeiffer Beach. Other points of interest include the historic Point Sur Lighthouse, and we also suggest a scenic drive along Highway 1 to take in the majesty of the Big Sur shoreline.

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Juliet balcony - romantic spots

Verona, Italy

Thanks to the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet from William Shakespeare’s most famous oeuvre, the city of Verona, Italy has become a pilgrimage site for couples eager to learn more about the fabled couple and the city they called home. Of course, the historic city’s structure and architecture alone make it a romantic site for couples, what with its many churches and piazzas, but it’s the Romeo and Juliet Guided Tour of Verona that exemplifies the city’s romantic spirit. It takes you to all of the locales mentioned in the play, from Romeo’s supposed house to Juliet’s tomb, ending the sojourn with a visit to Juliet’s balcony. You probably won’t be the first tourist to start uttering “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” to your significant other while there.

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Amsterdam - romantic spots


While Amsterdam may have a certain reputation for being a party city due to its lax marijuana laws and well-known red light district, it’s not just a city for the young and rowdy. If you’re looking for quaint and romantic stay, it can be the ideal choice. After all, it’s an idyllic city full of culture and history, and a quiet boat ride along the city’s famous (and historic) canals within the Canal Belt is a popular activity among couples. It’s particularly beautiful at night, as bridges light up alongside the canals, offering an altogether different way of seeing the city.

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Seychelles islands - romantic spots

Seychelles Islands

It doesn’t get more secluded than a private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s any couple’s dream come true to get away for some private time, and with a blue sky above and an even more blue ocean below, the Seychelles are definitely a paradise come to life. There’s also no shortage of luxury resorts and hotels throughout the archipelago. Of course, it’s not all private rooms and beaches all to yourselves. For some human interaction, visit Victoria is Seychelles’ capital city, which is great for exploring on foot or by bike, and for taking in some gorgeous views of the local scenery.

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Brooklyn bridge - romantic spots

New York City

New York City is known by many to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. Holding hands as you skate the rink at Rockefeller Plaza in winter, taking a stroll through Central Park in summer, or taking in the breathtaking skyline atop the Empire State Building… There is no shortage of places in Manhattan made for lovers. However, likely the perfect way to end a romantic date is a stroll across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, particularly at nightfall, when the sun begins to set over the East River.

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Mount royal - romantic spots


Montreal brings some European flair to North America and also make for the perfect place for a romantic getaway. In particular, Mount Royal Park (designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who is renowned for his work on Central Park) is the perfect playground for couples at any time of year, whether it’s lacing up your skates on Beaver Lake underneath the stars in winter, or enjoying a picnic alongside it in summer. But whatever time of year you visit, stopping at the Kondiaronk lookout is a must, for you’ll get lost in the view of Montreal before you.

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bruges - romantic spots

Bruges, Belgium

When a city is commonly referred to as the “Venice of the North”, you can’t help but assume it has the potential to offer quite the romantic escape. The quaint and picturesque city of Bruges (in Belgium) is ideal for a day spent à deux. Aside from walking, a lovely way to take it all in is with a horse-drawn carriage tour of historic Bruges through the cobblestone streets and past the gorgeous canals, breathing in the sites, the people, and the splendid architecture. Cap off your day by ducking into in a quiet pub for food and some wine, before taking a leisurely walk back to your hotel.

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