Canada’s 10 Best Christmas Cities (1/10)

In a nation where winter is a way of life, people heartily embrace the holiday season, lighting up their homes and streets, holding vibrant parades and festive celebrations. With so much festive cheer to choose from, we've narrowed down the 10 best places to spend Christmas in Canada.

1. Christmas in Quebec CityPhoto: Alex Kolomietz/ShutterStock

1. Christmas in Quebec City

Even if they did nothing at all, Quebec City would still be a great place to spend the holidays, with cobblestone lanes, beautiful, fluffy white snow and some of the most beautiful, historic architecture in Canada. But, fortunately, there’s a lot going on in the capital of la Belle Province, including QuebecAdabra!, a festival that offers large-scale illuminations, a light show and an authentic German Christmas market, where you can sip mulled wine and browse for gifts.

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