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Travel Canada

From coast to coast, travel tips and advice on planning your trip in and around Canada.

Recent Features

  • 50 Ways to Celebrate Canada!>>

    Subterranean science labs, sourtoe cocktails and 48 other surprising facts, quotes and stats about life across this country.>>

  • Exploring British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii>>

    Travelling into the land of totems.>>

  • How to Eat Like a Real Acadian—No Butter Required>>

    In New Brunswick, lobster is served straight up.>>

  • 7 Stunning Spots to Watch the Leaves Change Across Canada>>

    The gorgeous fall foliage that adorns our fair country every year proves that orange really is the new black. Fall in love with falling leaves this autumn at these seven stellar Canadian spots.>>

  • Top 10 Kayak Tours Across Canada>>

    Whether you're a kayaking newbie or a paddling pro, these day tours will help you get in touch with some of Canada's most beautiful scenery.>>

  • 10 Inspiring Adventures Across Canada>>

    From rolling farmlands to breathtaking coastal scenery to stunning cliffs, Canada is full of awe-inspiring outdoor outings. Here, author and travel blogger Leigh McAdam offers up some the finest northern adventures.>>

  • 50 Gorgeous Parks Across Canada>>

    The true beauty of Canada can be found in our countless parks, which range from quaint to gigantic. Discover our 50 favourites, from coast to coast to coast.>>

  • Canada’s 10 Best Summer Camps for Grown-Ups>>

    Don’t waste your precious summer vacation! Sign up to one of these camps and really have something to write home about this year.>>

  • 50 Weird and Wonderful Town Names Across Canada>>

    The 50 weirdest town names in Canada are as unusual (and entertaining!) as our country is wide. We did the digging to figure out how they came to be.>>

  • 10 Must-Try Canadian Dishes and Where to Find Them>>

    Canada’s culinary contributions range from centuries-old savoury soups to rich desserts with mysterious histories. Here are 10 truly Canadian foods and the best places to try them.  >>

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Ontario>>

    The license plates says it all: "Ontario, Yours to Discover." Canada's most populated province offers a fine balance of cultural richness and scenic adventures. Here are some of Ontario’s top spots. >>

  • Top 10 Things to Do in British Columbia>>

    Canada’s most western province has just about everything when it comes to the outdoors – majestic mountains, mystical rainforests, and the Pacific Ocean. It also has countless destinations throughout the province that are guaranteed to impress and inspire. Here are a few.>>

  • 10 Best Food Trucks Across Canada>>

    Some of the best food trucks in the world can be found right here in Canada. Here are 10 trucks, carts and trailers that serve up seriously delicious street eats, from coast to coast to coast.>>

  • 10 Ways the Olympics Changed Canada>>

    Hosting the largest sports event in the world will change a city – and a nation. Here are some ways Canada has changed since it started hosting the Olympics 38 years ago.>>

  • 10 Things You Can't Say in Canada>>

    You might think Canadians are polite and easygoing but that's only because you've never said any of these 10 things in front of them. Here's how to make any Canadian turn as red as a maple leaf.>>

  • 10 Mind-Boggling Facts About Canada>>

    You might know a lot about your hometown or favourite city, but these surprising stats about Canada will make you look at our beautiful country in a whole new way.>>

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Alberta>>

    Alberta has got it all, from majestic mountains to rolling rivers and wide-open prairies capped by a beautiful blue sky. Here are the 10 sights you won't want to miss, whether it's adventure you seek or a little rest and relaxation.>>

  • The Great Canadian Bucket List>>

    Our country is amazing, thrilling, intriguing and mind-bendingly stunning. Robin Esrock is the author of The Great Canadian Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences shares these 25 ways to go big and stay home.>>

  • Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls>>

    Canadians are blessed with an abundance of natural wonders with enough lakes, mountains and rivers to explore for a lifetime. We've also got some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls on earth. Here are ten of the best to check out.>>

  • Canada's 9 Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders>>

    Canada has some truly wonderful man-made attractions, but nothing can match the raw beauty of our country's natural wonders. These nine sights will not only take your breath away, they'll stay with you for the rest of your life.>>

  • 5 Getaways One Hour From Montreal>>

    Tired of wasting precious vacation time with your luggage stowed and your tray table in an upright and locked position? These five getaways will have you up in the air and back on the ground in about an hour.>>

  • Canada's 5 Prettiest Fall Camping Destinations>>

    Towering forests of red and yellow, crisp autumn air, cozy campfires, and, of course, not a mosquito in sight. These five fall camping destinations will make you wonder why you ever pitched a tent in the summer.>>

  • Canada's 8 Most Hauntingly Beautiful Cemeteries>>

    From the staggeringly beautiful to the downright spooky, we take a look at eight Canadian graveyards you need to see while you're still above the grass.>>

  • 10 Quirky Travel Tours Across Canada>>

    Looking to do something a little different in your city or on vacation? These quirky travel tours are like nothing you've experienced before.>>

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