Recent Features

  • Unforgettable Collection>>

    Ella MacLeod of Penobsquis, N.B., has more than 600 elephants in her collection! Read her story in the February/March issue of Our Canada.>>

  • Collectors: Shadow Boxes>>

    Woodstock, Ont., resident Jo-Ann Benoit's collection held a Guinness World Record in 1999! Check out these photos and read her story in the September issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Shell Seekers>>

    In the June/July issue of Our Canada, we couldn't fit too many photos of Dugald, Manitoba resident Robert Smerchansky's impressive shell collection. Here are a few to give you an idea!>>

  • Milk Glass Collection>>

    Did you read "Following the Milky Way" in the May issue of More of Our Canada? Margaretanne Tegart of Surrey, B.C., shares more of her milk glass collection her and her husband, Ian, went hunting for on many occasions.>>

  • A Collection of Collections>>

    We’ve seen some pretty impressive and interesting collections over the past few years. Here are a few to enjoy all over again and hopefully encourage you to send in stories and photos of your own collections!>>

  • Miniature Piano Collection>>

    Did you catch this orchestra of characters in the November issue of More of Our Canada? Here are some more from the small but harmonious world of Kathryn Lloyd of Calgary's collection featured in the issue.>>

  • Beer Mug Collector Drinks in the History>>

    The stories behind collections can be the most interesting part! Martin Kiely of Montreal collects drinking vessels of all sorts and then looks into their history and writes about it! You will find one of his stories in the October/November issue mailing out soon.For beer stein enthusiasts, visit Stein Collectors International for more!>>