What My Collection of Watches Means to Me

Paula Brown’s watch collection is steeped in family history and memories.

My collection of watches is very personal, because of the history and memories associated with the various pieces. The pocket watch on the stand in this photo is now more than 100 years old and belonged to my grandfather, who died in 1961. As I’ve been told many times over the years, Grandpa had this watch with him in the trenches of Europe during the First World War.

My grandmother’s watch (at left in photo) was with her for as long as I can remember, until her death in 1977. I was fortunate to be able to use Grandma’s watch for a number of years after her death. What an honour!

The timepiece with the heart-shaped face was a Christmas gift from my grandparents in 1960. I was ten years old and I have treasured it ever since!

The watch at the far right belonged to Dad; he had it with him up until his death in February 2018. I’m showing my age, aren’t I, but I will cherish these watches always. They span such a large amount of time in our family’s history and will certainly be passed down to my daughter and granddaughters. Such an amazing legacy!

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Originally Published in Our Canada