8 Autumn Chores for the Lazy Gardener (1/8)

Gardening seems to lose its appeal when the weather turns nippy and rainy. But if you do these simple autumn chores now you’ll save work in the spring and help your garden survive winter.

Improve Your GrassPhoto: Thinkstock

Improve Your Grass

Cut back on next year’s upkeep by fertilizing and reseeding your lawn now. A good winter fertilizer will have a balance of nitrogen and potassium with an extra dose of phosphorus to strengthen grass roots. Repair bald spots by raking the surface, throwing down some seeds, covering with compost and watering deeply. Mow one last time and keep your grass fairly short so it won’t be damaged by frost. Be sure to leave the clippings on your lawn since they will decompose and add even more nutrients to the soil. Empty the lawnmower’s gas tank after mowing and store it away.

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