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  • Sarah Richardson’s Budget-Friendly Decorating Fixes>>

    Canadian HGTV star Sarah Richardson shares seven tips to stretch your decorating dollar from her new book, At Home: Sarah Style.>>

  • 5 Clever Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards>>

    If you keep your holiday cards from year to year, pull them out to rekindle memories and to make attractive holiday displays. Here are five clever ideas.>>

  • 4 Essential Tips on How to Arrange Furniture>>

    The placement of furniture is almost as important as the pieces themselves. They can open or close a living room, bedroom, dining room or even kitchen. Read on to find out how you can spruce up your space.>>

  • 8 Ingenious Ways To Organize Your Bathroom>>

    Make the most of the space in your bathroom with these easy space-saving solutions using everyday household items.>>

  • 4 DIY Home Decor Apps>>

    Imagine gorgeous new interior designs and enjoy fresh decorating advice with these handy home decor apps. >>

  • What Your House Colour Says About You>>

    The hues chosen for a room's walls and ceiling can help determine whether your interior design is a hit or miss. Here are a few colour psychology tips to keep in mind when planning your home's colour scheme and what your house colour says about you. >>

  • 4 Tips To Get Out of Debt>>

    Paying off your debt, like losing weight, can be a struggle. Pay it off sooner with these easy to follow tips.>>

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing>>

    Unable to unwind at night? Try these simple tips to make your bedroom a more relaxed and pleasant environment.>>

  • Staff Tested: Blendtec Total Blender WildSide Combo>>

    Serious about blending? This powerful blender will stand up to all your needs>>

  • 5 Home Décor Tips from Jillian Harris>>

    Find out how to incorporate five of the hottest décor trends into your home with expert advice from celebrity interior designer Jillian Harris.>>

  • 5-Star Décor on a Two-Star Budget>>

    You don’t need a lot of money to make your home look like a million bucks. Find out how you can create luxury spaces for a lot less.>>

  • Staff Tested: Philips Wake-up Light Plus Alarm Clock>>

    Wake up naturally in a dark room with an alarm clock that simulates sunrise>>

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Home Look Fabulous>>

    With the abundance of home furnishing stores offering attractive products at affordable prices, home decorating has never been easier. However, this has also increased the chances that your living room will resemble that of your friends. How can you avoid the homogenized look? Here are five suggestions on how to create a unique and fabulous look for your home.>>

  • How to Entertain Friends at Home>>

    Still hitting the town with friends? If dropping big bucks on a restaurant meal is getting hard to swallow, try these five low-cost and fun ways to entertain friends at home. >>

  • 4 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home>>

    More people are using the ancient art of feng shui to add a sense of balance to their homes. If you'd like to give it a try, here are four tips to help you increase the flow of positive energy to your home.>>

  • 4 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Big>>

    Looking to create more space in your home? It is possible to make a small space look and feel larger—without having to break down any walls. Here are four tricks from interior decorators on how to turn a cramped room into more spacious surroundings.>>

  • 4 Ways of Looking at a Tree>>

    Trees make a wonderful decorations, provide great shade during those hot days, and a jungle gym for young kids, but is there anything else they can do?>>

  • Tips for Seasonal Decorating>>

    Be it Halloween or Christmas, live in harmony with Mother Nature, the changing seasons, and decorate your spaces in sync with the world around you.>>

  • 8 Tips for Decorating Any Room>>

    Thinking about decorating a room in your home? Whether you do-it-yourself or hire an interior decorator or designer, check out these great tips to help you face any room decorating challenge.>>

  • 8 Ideas for Decorating a Child’s Bedroom>>

    Looking for some ideas to spruce up your child’s room? Here are some suggestions on how to make their room a fun, cozy and organized space.>>

  • How to Create the Perfect Home>>

    Do you find decorating a dilemma? Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, hosts of HGTV's Home Heist, have just released a companion book, Colin & Justin’s Home Heist Style Guide, to help you stylishly decorate any room in your home. Here are photos from the new book along with the boys’ invaluable decorating tips. Then, Colin & Justin provide advice to three readers to take their rooms from dreary to delightful.  >>

  • Fake It Like a Decorator>>

    You may not have been to decorator school, but you can take a page out of a top designer’s playbook. Follow this advice to transform your home without paying hundreds of dollars per hour in design fees.>>

  • Spring into Romance with Feng Shui Home Decorating>>

    Feng Shui, the art of bringing harmony to your enviroment through furniture arrangement, can help improve areas in your life... including your love life! Here's some ways to get the positive flow going.>>

  • 7 Home Staging Tips Guaranteed to Attract Buyers>>

    The trick to selling your home is to make it as presentable and appealing as possible. These 7 tips can help you get your house looking its best for potential buyers.>>

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