This is How to Make Powdered Sugar in Seconds

No powdered sugar in the cupboard? No problem. You can learn how to make your own powdered sugar at home!

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of baking something, you reach for the next ingredient and—the horror!—it’s not there. Whether you’re missing eggs, milk, baking soda or something else, you’re left with two not-so-awesome options: sprint to the store or find a replacement ingredient. (Don’t miss these 20 secret cake baking tips we learned from grandma.)

If you’ve ever been in this position with powdered sugar, then today’s your lucky day. TikTok has shown us how to make powdered sugar in seconds, and it’s definitely easier than you were thinking. Here’s how it’s done!

Can You Make Powdered Sugar?

Yes—and to make powdered sugar at home, all you need is regular granulated sugar. It’s as simple as dumping the amount of powdered sugar you need in a blender, turning the blender on and keeping it running until the granules are a fine powder. Boom! Instant powdered sugar. (Did you know you can also use a blender to make the healthy, homemade creamer recipe this nutritionist loves?)

To see the magic in action, check out this TikTok. It’s worth noting, though, that to prevent a super-sweet cleanup, you shouldn’t fill your blender with sugar. As the TikTok’er in the video shows, it’s best to keep it half-full, at most.

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