10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks (2/10)


Throw out your bathroom cleaners, because with a little lemon, baking soda and ammonia you can do just about anything. From home remedies to secret cleaning techniques, this is your guide to getting your bathroom sparkling.

Homemade Cleaning Products


Want to avoid harsh chemical cleaners in your household? Save money and protect your family’s health by making your own all-natural, chemical-free products using essential oils.

5 Hidden Chemicals in Your Home


Our relationship to chemicals is changing as new research draws a connection between health problems and exposure to certain compounds. Your home may be more toxic than you realize because of hidden chemicals in cleaning products. Here are five common cleaning products that may be polluting your home.

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5 Handy Tool Substitutes


Sometimes, while in the middle of a repair job, you may find you’re missing the one tool that’s perfect for the job. Not to worry! We’ve got five handy replacement tools to use when you don’t have the real thing.

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Stain Removal Tips


You’ve just spilled red wine on a white tablecloth, dripped orange juice down your dress and dropped a strawberry on your couch. Apart from being incredibly unlucky, you’ve also created some stains that can be a little tricky to remove.

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5 Ways to Create More Storage Space


Whether your current residence is a small-sized condo or a large detached house, you’re likely always looking for extra storage space. Take a good look around your home, and with a little ingenuity, you’ll find some areas that can be turned into additional space. Need some help? Here are five interesting space-saving tricks for your home.

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8 Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room


Do you dread doing laundry? Are the piles growing out of control? Putting it off won’t make it go away. Let’s face it—dirty laundry is a fact of life. But doing laundry becomes less of a chore when you have an efficient, pleasing room to do it in. If you want to create a laundry room that not only looks good but also works well, here are some tips to help.

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Cleaning Your Way To A Happy Mother’s Day

Whether it’s in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, odds are your mom has been tidying up after you for most of your life. This Mother’s Day is your chance to show mom that she taught you well. Put a smile on her face by surprising her with some good old-fashioned spring cleaning using these great tips and tricks.        

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How to Keep Your House Spotless


Dost thou feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with dirt? The secret to defeating your demons lies in the ten golden rules of cleaning. If you feel like house cleaning is a daunting and interminable task check out these smart tips. Adopt the age-old cleaning strategies we suggest, and you’ll finally be able to get your home sparkling clean before the turn of the century. Read on to learn more about how to keep your house spotless. 

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Long Life for Your Appliances


Appliances eventually wear out. Certain parts simply fail with time. It’s inevitable. But appliance abuse and neglect can speed up the breakdown rate of washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers, helping keep appliance repairmen busy. Here are some of the most common ways homeowners contribute to appliance demise, along with advice for avoiding these errors.

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5 Bed Mattress Care Tips

Mattresses typically last around ten years, but a few simple procedures can add years to their lives and improve your sleep comfort as well.

6 Good Kitchen Habits to Develop


Get savvy in the kitchen by adopting these easy organizational habits. By incorporating these actions into your daily routine, you’ll save time as well as have a kitchen that looks spotless.