Bonus 10th Anniversary Content

We’ve put the extra content available on the iPad edition of the 10th anniversary issue in an online magazine for everyone to enjoy!

Bonus 10th Anniversary Content

Our Canada celebrates its 10th anniversary beginning with the December/January 2014 issue and we’re super excited about it! We’re also very grateful to you, our nearly one million readers, thousands of whom have submitted stories and photos to us over the past decade. Thank you for a job well done!

To mark the anniversary, we packed the print issue with special content as well as loads of extra content available through the Layar app and on our first-ever iPad edition. Since we know that not all our readers will have access to iPads, however, we decided to put all the bonus content into an online magazine for everyone to enjoy. You will find three of our favourite photo essays from over the years, excerpts from two of the books we’ve published and a few of the best illustrations by our wonderful illustrator Bill Suddick who has been with Our Canada since its beginning ten years ago!

You can also head to our youtube channel to find a video of OC editor Gary giving a toast to Our Canada’s ten years, a video of our top ten covers and a look at the office back in the day. We also put together a playlist of Top 10 Canadian Christmas Songs. In the iPad issue, we also provided a link to that special Remembrance Day issue we put together in 2010.

We also had a little birthday party celebration for Our Canada at the office and took some pictures. We’d love it if you took a photo with the 10th anniversary issue, perhaps giving a toast to ten years of your stories and photos and send it in!

Finally, here are a few more words from OC editor Gary in his blog post Confessions of an Ink-Stained Wretch about what you’ll find in the anniversary issue and the iPad edition.

Thank you for ten years and we look forward to the next ten!