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Fall’s Gold: 10 Beautiful Orange-Hued Photos from Across Canada

Nothing screams “autumn is here” like a beautiful pic filled with shades of orange. From the first signs of fall foliage to the final rays of a setting sun, check out these colourful shots snapped by Our Canada readers.

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Maple leaf on beachPhoto: Alexandra Fontaine

Beach days

Alexandra Fontaine snapped this beautiful pic at Hayward Lake in British Columbia.

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Fall photographyPhoto: Russ Hayes

Maple leaves

Russ Hayes captures Canada’s national symbol on the banks of River Magog in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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Fall landscape in CanadaPhoto: Fred Allin

Autumn reflections

Overcast skies, calm waters and a sea of red and yellow trees… Photographer Fred Allin’s gorgeous shot from his weekend trip to Hull, Quebec is fall photography in a nutshell.

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Vintage orange truckPhoto: Karen Mihalick

Ghost town wonders

This vehicle’s engine may have seen better days, but it’s hard to tell with that striking orange exterior. Thanks to Karen Mihalick of Red Deer, Alberta for sharing!

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Early morning sunrisePhoto: Tammy Green

To catch the sunrise

This early sunrise in Harrington Harbour, Quebec is unforgettable. Thanks to Tammy Green for sharing!

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Orange monarch butterflyPhoto: Isabelle Marozzo

Life cycles

Photographer Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario writes: “I was so lucky to witness this Monarch butterfly emerge from the pupa and captured this moment seconds later.”

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Roadside farm selling pumpkinsPhoto: Mike Lane

A bit of orange

The shades of orange sure do pop in Mike Lane’s shot of a roadside farm stand.

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Motorcycling through fall foliagePhoto: Paula Brown

Born to be wild

Photographer Paula Brown of Ottawa, Ontario writes: “Motorcycling through the orange foliage of Gatineau Park must be a heady high!”

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Row of pumpkinsPhoto: Lilyan Cilia

For the love of gourds

As photographer Lilyan Cilia’s shot proves, you can never have too many pumpkins!

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Late evening at the cottagePhoto: Marsha Beaulieu

Cottage relaxation

Marsha Beaulieu of Mississauga, Ontario shares her fitting goodbye to summer.

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