Face Mask Selfies From Across Canada

We challenged you to share a #maskie and you delivered! These face mask-wearing Canadians are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19—and putting smiles on our faces in the process.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - woman in flamingo mask
Photo: Mike Lane

Flamingo Flair

During a pandemic, it’s safety first—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun. That’s why we love this portrait captured by Mike Lane of Saanichton, British Columbia. “We had a theme birthday party,” writes Mike. “Can you guess the theme? Yes, pink flamingos!”

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - dog in mask
Photo: Russ Hayes

Three’s a Crowd

Check out this coordinating pre-walk snapshot shared by Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec. Is there anything more adorable than a pup in a mask? We don’t think so.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - buffalo plaid mask
Photo: Cat Taylor

Canadian Camo

“You may not recognize me, but you’ll know I’m Canadian!” writes Cat Taylor of Calgary. There’s certainly no disguising that warm smile behind the iconic red-and-black buffalo plaid. Thanks for sharing this patriotic maskie, Cat!

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - yellow mask
Photo: Laura Deeves

Gone Are the Dark Clouds

Our day just got a lot more cheerful with this great maskie taken by Laura Deeves of Athens, Ontario, who writes “It’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day!”

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - statue wearing mask
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Fun with Statues

This lawn ornament is sure to get some double takes! Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario made sure that “Poseidon, God of Rural Suburbia” was compliant with COVID-19 health guidelines.

Here’s a heartwarming story of how this social media group inspired thousands of Canadians to lend a helping hand.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - kids standing in field
Photo: Sharon Peters

Family Gathering (At a Distance)

What a wonderful reunion (and scenery)! Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta shares a sweet homecoming moment. “I took this photo of five of our grandchildren at a recent family gathering. We have enjoyed getting together after months of having very little face-to-face contact,” Sharon writes.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - man in hat
Photo: Alan Cheng

Day at the Park

Sun protection? Check. Virus protection? Check. Scarborough, Ontario’s Alan Cheng is all prepared for a walk in the city park. See more of Alan’s outdoor adventures in this gallery of gorgeous garden photography.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - blue scale mask
Photo: Maria Powell

Feeling Blue

Calgary’s Maria Powell has inspired us to level up our mask style! This bold dragon-scale print is seriously eye-catching and perfect for adding a pop of colour to any outfit.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - woman in mask near mountains
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Mountain Views

Check out this spectacular landscape captured by Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alberta from the Columbia Icefield Skywalk. This unique Jasper attraction features a glass-floored observation platform for a breathtaking experience of the surrounding mountain peaks and glacier-formed valleys.

Travelling will look very different after the pandemic. Here are all the things that could change.

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Face mask selfies from across Canada - man in mask with laptop
Photo: Paula Brown

Surprise Snap

Paula Brown of Ottawa captures Dave sporting his new cloth mask. “I caught him off guard!”

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