Pet Corner: 13 of Canada’s Cutest Animals

Do you have cute animals as part of your family? These Our Canada readers certainly do!

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Welsh Corgi playing in the snow
Photo: Faye Totton

The Fox in the Snow

Faye Totton of Norton, N.B., shares this adorable photo of her beloved Welsh corgi, Foxy, who loved running through deep snow. Sadly, Foxy passed away, but Faye says having Foxy’s photo published gives her great pride and joy.

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Photo: Connie Wiebe

Party of Six

Connie Wiebe of Winkler, Man., says, “Living in the city, our favourite place to escape to is the farm where I grew up. We don’t have any pets in the city, so my daughter Krysten enjoys hanging out in the barn with the cats and spends hours playing with them.”

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Dog relaxing in garden
Photo: Frances Rose

Ready for My Close-Up

Frances Rose of Brooklin, Ont., shares this great pic, writing, “This is my adorable ‘grandpuppy’ Frankie. She was taking a rest after running around my yard and digging a few holes. I guess she thought she was helping me garden!”

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Boy and dog playing in the snow
Photo: Frances Smith

Snow Games

Frances Smith of Boiestown, N.B., writes, “One beautiful winter afternoon, my great-grandson Cameron was outside enjoying the new snow and playing with his aunt Leslie’s four-year-old dog, Mattie. They played together for quite a while and then stopped to inspect each other. Cameron’s mom Emily captured this pic.”

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Bird playing with poker chips
Photo: Gail Peacock

The Gambler

Gail Peacock of Brandon, Man., writes, “This is my daughter Kim’s lovebird Rio. He’s enjoying practicing his gambling skills and can’t wait to head south—to Vegas!”

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Dog in costume for Halloween
Photo: Pauline Ethier


Pauline Ethier of Earlton, Ont., writes, “Our grandkids wanted another friend to go trick-or-treating with, so we brought this costume for the newest member of our family, Paisley, and she joined them. The kids loved it and are already planning for this year!”

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Cute animals
Photo: Violet Thatcher

In Sync

Violet Thatcher of Trochu, Alta., writes, “I wanted to capture a shot of our cats Shiloh and Lancelot as they sat looking out the window, but just as I snapped the picture they both turned and looked at me! We actually have three cats in total—all of them rescue animals.”

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Cat sitting atop a birdhouse
Photo: Brittany Walker

On Top of the World

Brittany Walker of Melita, Man., writes, “My nephews Cole and Cooper have a cat named Shera; I snapped this pic of her sitting on a birdhouse that the boys built. She was curious to find out what was in there!”

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Snail and beta fish in aquarium
Photo: Helen Normandeau

The Odd Couple

“These are two of my favourite creatures in my tropical aquarium. One is a snail named Snailee-Pooh, while the other is a beta fish,” writes Helen Normandeau of Chatham, Ont. “They come to me when I place a finger near them on the glass, or when I scratch the outside of the tank.”

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Dog hanging out of a truck window
Photo: Nancy Jean Bougie


Nancy Jean Bougie of Ingleside, Ont., writes, ”We’ve been on many adventures travelling across Canada from east to west the past few summers and both our dogs are always with us—but I think Dingo loves it most. Here, Dingo is hanging out the truck window excitedly waiting to hit the road again!“

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Boy and his dog sleeping on couch
Photo: Terry Leblanc

Nap Time

Terry Leblanc of Sherwood Park, Alta., writes, “My grandson Ryker and his dog Kahlua are the very best of friends. They play for hours and have such a great time running after each other. When it’s time for a nap, Kahlua loves to have special cuddle time with her best bud.”

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Two furry rabbits
Photo: Diana Pepall

Partners in Crime

Diana Pepall of Kitchener writes, “This is Winnie-Willow (left) and Trigger. Partners in crime, one likes to cause a distraction while the other steals a nibble of an apple; they even thump warnings to each other to hide under the bed when it’s time for a nail trim!”

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Border Collie
Photo: Judi Gazda

Hide and Seek

“This is Mollie, my six-year-old border collie,” writes Judi Gazda of Regina. “She’s frequently found under bushes on our property, watching me work. I’m a beekeeper, so our yard is full of foraging bees. Mollie was stung once and is wary of them—she now prefers to watch the world undercover.”

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