True Stories

Small But Mighty: The Cleanup Kids

How two nine-year-olds started an environmental conservation organization.

A Mother Was Convicted of Murdering Her Children—Until Science Uncovered the Truth

After all four of Kathleen Folbigg's children died in infancy, a court found her guilty of murder. Twenty years later,...

On a Trek to Northern Laos, Just Getting There Is an Adventure

Why take a high-speed train to northern Laos when you can take three days to do pretty much the same...

The Making of Frybread

Frybread, a greasy fried delight made by many Indigenous peoples across North America, tells a story of both resilience and...

Meet the Mechanic Who Modifies Bikes for Injured Veterans

Sharine Milne, an Australian mechanic, customizes bikes so that injured veterans can get riding again.

How Dancing Helps People With Dementia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

Research shows dancing can help improve the lives of people with neurocognitive and movement disorders.

Once Incarcerated, This Man Now Helps Youth Lead Meaningful Lives

Ex-prisoner John McAvoy found a new life through sport—and he’s helping disadvantaged youth do the same.

A Canadian Minister Needed a Stem Cell Donor. This Young German Man Stepped In

Dominic Leblanc won seven elections. But he was unlikely to win against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma—until a young overseas donor came to...

How I Survived A Parachute Malfunction—1,200 Metres Up!

With the ground below her rapidly coming closer and the parachute wrapped around her leg, skydiver Jordan Hatmaker prepared to...

Doctors Said Spina Bifida Would Limit Her Life. Her Parents Didn’t Listen.

When Hallee McCoombes was born, she wasn't expected to walk. Today, the 11-year-old is an athlete and aspiring Paralympian.

How I Survived a “Snownado” While Trapped in My Car

Stuck at the side of the road in swirling snow and shrieking wind—a phenomenon nicknamed a "snownado"—Shannon St. Onge feared...

These Selfless Brothers Are Helping India’s “Poorest of the Poor”

Through the Veerji Ka Dera organization, Delhi's Premjit and Kamaljeet Singh work long days to provide meals and first aid...

I Fell For This Email Scam—And You Could Too

Even the most savvy among us can fall for a con and lose hundreds of dollars. I learned this first-hand...

How DNA Testing is Solving Cold Cases—and Reuniting Families

These DNA reunion stories show how genetic testing can be a powerful tool in solving missing person cases—decades after the...

This Was the Worst Tornado in Canada’s History

The terrifying "Black Friday Tornado" swept through Edmonton on July 31, 1987, leaving 27 dead and 600 injured.

10 Most Famous Shipwrecks in Canadian History

From doomed Arctic expeditions to disastrous maiden voyages, these tragic shipwrecks have become the stuff of legend.

Meet the Woman Who’s Saving Asia’s Elephants

Lek Chailert started with a humble goal: rescue one abused bull. Now, she's the head of an international non-profit with...

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This Is What Happens When You Get Struck by Lightning

There’s a nine in 10 chance you’ll survive. But what are the lasting effects of being exposed to hundreds of...

How This Former Teacher is Helping to Combat Shark Fishing

A snorkelling trip inspired Kathy Xu's innovative solution to the shark fishing crisis: Ecotourism.

How an Artisan Website Became a Grassroots Disaster-Relief Organization

Originally positioned as the "Etsy of Afghanistan," emerged as a vital tool to direct aid to certain places in...

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Victoria Had Always Suffered Headaches, But This One Left Her in a Dreamlike Fog For Three Weeks

It wasn't until the 26-year-old student went in for a CT scan that she realized the gravity of her situation...

This Was the Deadliest Forest Fire in Canadian History

The Great Matheson Fire of 1916 killed 223 and ushered in Ontario’s first forest firefighting measures.

A Brutal Alligator Attack Was Just the Beginning of His Three-Day Ordeal

Critically injured, and repeatedly stalked by the gator, could Eric Merda navigate his way out of the treacherous Florida swampland?

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Good News Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

We've rounded up the most heartwarming and inspirational good news stories from around the world.

This Quebec Woman Won the Lottery—And Used the Winnings to Help Those in Need

The windfall allowed Rachel Lapierre to turn her passion project into a registered charity.

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The Funniest (True!) News Headlines From Across the Country

From a thoughtful thief returning a stolen car (with a full tank of a gas) to a multi-million dollar maple...

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This Toronto Man Had a Headache For 12 Years—But One Doctor Wouldn’t Give Up on a Cure

Could an experimental procedure provide relief from the unbearable pain?

The Hermit of Port Edward

Remembering an unlikely and brief friendship one long-ago summer.

Canada’s Most Notorious Cold Cases

With the help of cutting-edge technology, amateur and professional detectives are trying to crack these unsolved mysteries once and for...

Seeing Three Drowning Women, This Quick-Thinking Waiter Dove Into the Icy River

Despite having no lifesaving training, Paul Blachut knew he had to everything he could to rescue them.

Doctors Thought This Three-Year-Old Had Appendicitis—Until the Surgery Started

To their surprise, little Daniel's appendix looked perfectly healthy. It was when they started moving the camera through his intestines...