Small But Mighty: The Cleanup Kids

How two nine-year-olds started an environmental conservation organization.

Meet the Mechanic Who Modifies Bikes for Injured Veterans

Sharine Milne, an Australian mechanic, customizes bikes so that injured veterans can get riding again.

How Dancing Helps People With Dementia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

Research shows dancing can help improve the lives of people with neurocognitive and movement disorders.

Rosie the Dog Got Lost—So She Turned Herself in at a Police Station

After their dog ran off, Steve and Julie Harper barely had time to worry before the phone rang. It was...

After the Family’s Cat Disappeared, a Kind Stranger Reunited Them

A long-haul trucker had an unsuspecting passenger who meant the world to a Saskatchewan family.

Once Incarcerated, This Man Now Helps Youth Lead Meaningful Lives

Ex-prisoner John McAvoy found a new life through sport—and he’s helping disadvantaged youth do the same.

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Unique Ways People are Giving Back Around the World

Charity isn’t only about big donations. Here are the innovative ways people are helping those in need—even when money is...

I Honour My Grandma by Baking Her Christmas Specialty: Cherry Chews

My cherry chews triple the sugar my grandma used. It's the only dish I bake, as a way of honouring...

After Losing My Dad, I’m Learning to Feel the Magic of the Holidays Again

My father had dementia the last time I saw him. But I refuse to let that colour Christmas memories or...

A Canadian Minister Needed a Stem Cell Donor. This Young German Man Stepped In

Dominic Leblanc won seven elections. But he was unlikely to win against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma—until a young overseas donor came to...

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25 Feel-Good Movies on Netflix Canada That Will Lift Your Spirits

Looking to cure a case of the blues? These uplifting and inspirational flicks will surely do the trick.

These Selfless Brothers Are Helping India’s “Poorest of the Poor”

Through the Veerji Ka Dera organization, Delhi's Premjit and Kamaljeet Singh work long days to provide meals and first aid...

Why I Had My Students Write Letters to Fallen Soldiers

Delivering messages across generations was an important mission for this school teacher.

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Heartwarming Dog Stories That’ll Make You Smile

They're called man's best friend for a reason!

How DNA Testing is Solving Cold Cases—and Reuniting Families

These DNA reunion stories show how genetic testing can be a powerful tool in solving missing person cases—decades after the...

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30 Canadians Reveal What They’re Most Thankful For

During trying times, it's important to count our blessings. We asked our readers, "What are you thankful for?" From important...

Sweet Reminders That It’s a Small World After All

For one Ontario couple, all roads—including from Punta Cana, Reykjavik, London, Montevideo and Winnipeg—lead to home.

This Heartwarming Tale Proves That Dogs Truly Are Man’s Best Friend

After I left home for college, my beloved Boots demonstrated a loyalty that amazes me to this day.

Why Passing Down Family Recipes is the Greatest Gift

Although my mother's been gone for almost 25 years, I think of her every time I bake this apple cake.

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Heartwarming Cat Stories That’ll Make You Smile

Need proof that felines make the purr-fect companions? These sweet cat stories from across Canada might convince you to make...

Meet the Woman Who’s Saving Asia’s Elephants

Lek Chailert started with a humble goal: rescue one abused bull. Now, she's the head of an international non-profit with...

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These Funny Photos Are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

From animals striking curious poses to riotous family reunions, these crazy captures will brighten your day. Enjoy!

How This Former Teacher is Helping to Combat Shark Fishing

A snorkelling trip inspired Kathy Xu's innovative solution to the shark fishing crisis: Ecotourism.

These Families Are Providing a Home—And Hope—For Refugees

People who welcome the world's displaced take a giant, generous leap of faith. Here are three of their stories.

How I Discovered Community at the Dog Park

Most people don't think of the dog park when looking for an accountant or painter, but for Richard Glover and...

How Souvenir Spoons Became Highly Collectible

Marilyn Helmer first began collecting spoons in 1962—and hasn't looked back.

The Heartwarming Story Behind This Miniature School Bus

Building a one-of-a-kind ride with "Pépère" was a special treat for this birthday boy!

I Met My Future Husband Through Our Shared Love of Cars

Would our initial encounter have been possible without the Meteor and the Corvair? Not likely. And look at us now!

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Good News Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

We've rounded up the most heartwarming and inspirational good news stories from around the world.

The Heartwarming Reason My Mom Got a Tattoo for Her 80th Birthday

Mom’s 80th birthday tattoo is just the latest example of her wild, newfound independence.

This Quebec Woman Won the Lottery—And Used the Winnings to Help Those in Need

The windfall allowed Rachel Lapierre to turn her passion project into a registered charity.