30 Canadians Reveal What They’re Most Thankful For

During trying times, it's important to count our blessings. We asked our readers, "What are you thankful for?" From important...

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30+ Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Not feeling the attitude of gratitude this year? Here's how to turn it around.

What My Seven Dogs Taught Me About Love

Through each monumental moment in life, there is something for our dogs to teach us—about love, friendship, family, identity, and...

My Curly Hair Once Made Me Feel Like an Outsider. Here’s How I Came to Embrace It

For most of my life, I was a curly lone wolf. Then, two years ago, I saw her.

Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog

If only we as humans could live our lives in such a pure state as my beloved mongrel, Trout.

Why I Adopted a Pair of Ducklings During the Pandemic

Fostering a pair of ducklings brought new joy to our home—until I discovered what awaited them back at the farm.

After a Routine Surgery Went Wrong, This Patient Agreed to Extreme Measures

What was supposed to be a straightforward surgery left Verna Marzo on the brink of death. With less than a...

These Dogs Are Teaching Machines How to Sniff Out Cancer

Learn how new discoveries about dogs' ability to detect disease will revolutionize medicine.

12 Heartwarming Stories of Dads Going Above and Beyond for Their Kids

These fathers have a powerful way of showing their love.

My Mother Married an Astronaut

While he may not have been to space, this new dad was truly out of this world.

How My Mom and I Moved Past Our Clashing Personalities and Reconnected

Mom and I agreed long ago that our differences would always present challenges. But during the first lockdown of the...

Check Out This Amazing Souvenir Spoon Collection

Marilyn Helmer first began collecting spoons in 1962—and she hasn't looked back since.

Grandpa’s Tour of St. Marys, Ontario

Grandpa Millson’s family tour of St. Marys leaves no room for doubt: there really is no place like home!

With Some Help From My Favourite Dishes, I Finally Found Joy in Cooking

In learning to be comfortable with what I don’t know, I’m realizing that the things that make me feel as...

These Volunteer Cyclists Are Delivering Groceries to Toronto’s Needy

David Shellnutt founded The Bike Brigade to deliver food and medical supplies to Toronto’s most vulnerable residents. Since the beginning...

As a Teenager, I Gathered Paints for Maud Lewis

During the 1960s, my father kept up a frequent correspondence with Maud Lewis, one of Canada’s most famous folk artists.

After My Cancer Diagnosis, I Began Reading to My Daughters

I knew I had a terminal illness and I wanted my three daughters to remember me in the many books...

How One Woman in Petty Harbour is Bringing Newfoundlanders Back to Their Fishing Roots

With Fishing For Success in Petty Harbour, Newfoundlander Kimberley Orren hopes to bring women, children and a sense of community...

This Story of Two Pen Pals Will Warm Your Heart

Eleanor was from the Prairies and Lois was from Newfoundland, but the distance didn't stop these two pen pals from...

My Cousin Gave Me Her Kidney—And Saved My Life

With my kidneys failing and an interminable waiting list for an organ donation, my situation was dire—until I received the...

In My Family, a Game of Euchre Is Always the Answer

My grandmother loved a good game of cards, and she taught us to play through both love and loss. When...

A Button Collection Bought At Auction Revealed a Lifetime of Memories

After I won a button collection at the auction, I sat with the 89-year-old woman who had saved them and...

The Heartwarming Story Behind My Family’s 47-Year-Old Holiday Food Tradition

Every Christmas Eve, we eat cheese soufflé, tomatoes provençale and green beans in front of the fire. Here's why.

My First-Ever Christmas Pageant as the Virgin Mary

I anxiously listened for my cue line, “The time came for her to have her child,” and then, with nary...

I Became a Mom on Christmas Eve. Here’s What I Learned About Gratitude

Looking back, I wish I could tell my forlorn self a few things to assuage her fears.

How a Total Stranger Pulled My Dad Out of His Alzheimer’s Fog

One day, a woman began singing Celine Dion in the doctor's waiting room. I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

How I Created a Sanctuary for Teenagers in My School Library

When Angela Jouris Saxe started her job, she realized that a school library is more than just a place to...

A COVID-19 Patient’s Incredible 77-Day Fight for Survival

The story of Rick Cameron's battle for survival, the doctor who wouldn’t give up, and the Maritime community that rallied...

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The Incredible Story of How a Small Saskatchewan Community Rallied to Save the Life of an Unborn Baby

Fifty-three years after a tragic accident took the life of his mother, mechanic Don Mason received a phone call from...