Revisiting My Late Grandfather’s Vintage Camera Collection

He loved his cameras—and now they're a family treasure.

Life Lessons I Learned From My Grandfather

Sometimes you do not get what you want in life, but in the end, what you get is better than...

My Father, My Hero

Honouring the legendary Wilf Hiebert: Blacksmith and welder.

How Fly Fishing With My Daughters Brings Us Together

Teaching my daughters how to fly fish was also a lesson in the way that everything in nature is connected.

This Photographer Captures Life in the Congo’s Displaced Persons Camps

In an assignment for UNICEF, photographer Roger LeMoyne captures the resilience of...

These Love Letters From the 1940s Will Warm Your Heart

He wrote, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of our future and honey, I sure like it.” I knew...

How I Struck Up An Incredible Friendship With a Wild Black Bear

While hiking in remote British Columbia, I was approached by a black bear. I offered him a fish. He offered...

This Charity Uses Art to Fight Homelessness

Sketch Working Arts is on a mission to improve the lives of homeless and marginalized youth through creative opportunities.

How I Finally Made My Mom Laugh

In 1990, during a performance of my stage play The Bootlegger Blues at my reserve, Curve Lake First Nation in...

This Program For LGBTQ Seniors Provides a Network—And a Lifeline

Toronto's 519 Centre offers older participants a way to connect with others in their community.

Hockey Night in Hedley, B.C.

Fond memories of a small but vibrant town and their love of Canada's favourite pastime.

Welcome to Montreal Canadiens Ave—in the Maritimes

If you visit the Maritimes, as you approach Fredericton, look for the exit to Harvey, and follow that road for...

My Son Doesn’t Like Dogs, But Our New Fur Baby Might Just Change His Mind

“You know that trope: guy hates dogs, then guy falls in love with dog?” said my older son, Joey, who’s...

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15 Profound The Good Place Quotes to Live By

No other TV series tackled philosophy quite like The Good Place. These wise—and hilarious—quotes from The Good Place can be...

When I Was a Young Girl, Roy Orbison Helped Me Make a New Friend

Few things are tougher than making friends at a new school. Thankfully, I had Roy Orbison looking out for me.

After My Husband Died, My Children Honoured Him With a Very Special Quilt

A blanket made from my husband's old clothes helps us to remember his extraordinary—and ordinary—life.

My First Muslim Christmas

For our family's first December in Canada, my parents arranged a special surprise from Santa.

The Toronto Ice Storm That (Nearly) Stole Christmas

I was determined to bring my splintered family together for the best-ever holiday. Nature had other ideas.

Why My Sikh Family Loves Celebrating Christmas

One reason I like Christmas is that when everyone else is gathering around a turkey, glass of wine in hand,...

These Pandemic Pet Adoption Stories Will Warm Your Heart

Over the past year, an unprecedented number of Canadians opened their homes—and their hearts—to new friends. Here are just a...

This Man Travelled 13,000 Kilometres Across Canada—By Zamboni

In 2002, this "Iceman" drove a Zamboni through 69 Canadian communities in support of grassroots hockey and our Olympic hockey...

I’d Never Had a Personal Connection to Remembrance Day—Until I Discovered One Soldier’s ...

My quest to learn the story of Mervyn Naish, a First World War soldier, started when I found his 1917...

This Letter From a Canadian Soldier Explains the Sacrifice of Veterans Everywhere

I was a 24-year-old private when I served with the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Upon my return from that...

Mom’s Gift: What My Amber and Vaseline Glass Collection Means to Me

A shared passion for antique amber and Vaseline glass brought this mother and daughter even closer together.

These Random Acts of Kindness Will Inspire You to Pass It On

From donating a kidney to writing letters to seniors, these incredible Canadians made a difference this past year.

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30+ Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Not feeling the attitude of gratitude this year? Here's how to turn it around.

What My Seven Dogs Taught Me About Love

Through each monumental moment in life, there is something for our dogs to teach us—about love, friendship, family, identity, and...

My Curly Hair Once Made Me Feel Like an Outsider. Here’s How I Came to Embrace It

For most of my life, I was a curly lone wolf. Then, two years ago, I saw her.

Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog

If only we as humans could live our lives in such a pure state as my beloved mongrel, Trout.