cinnamon sticks

Warm Spiced Chai

"My wife loves chai, but I have never been satisfied with any of the store-bought mixes, so I created my own." —Justin Weber, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mocha Morning Drink

"When I'm sipping this delicious coffee, I almost feel like I'm visiting my favourite coffeehouse." —Jill Rodriguez, Gonzales, Louisiana

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

"My mom makes this hot chocolate with pumpkin, spices and white chocolate. We usually drink it on Halloween, but it’s...

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

"Vanilla beans and a hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico lend a sophisticated flavour to this hot chocolate. With such rich taste,...

Warm Cinnamon-Apple Topping

"You'll quickly warm up to the old-fashioned taste of this cinnamon-apple topping. Spoon it over vanilla ice cream or slices...

Apple Cider for Summer

Who says apple cider is only for winter and autumn? Spice your summer up with this traditional non-alcoholic drink.

Spicy Summer Nightcaps

Who says you can't indulge before going to bed? This spicy summer nightcap recipe works great as the final cocktail...