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What to Do with a Paper Bag: 5 Things

Cleaning your mops, reshaping your clothes and removing snow from your car are just a few ideas for what you can do with a paper bag.

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What to do with a paper bag:

Paper bags are handy and enviro-friendly. After you’ve finished using them to carrying your lunch or groceries, here’s what to do with a paper bag around your home and garden

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What to do with a paper bag: Dust Off Your Mops

Dust balls and pet hair don’t stand a chance against a dust mop. But how do you get all that stuff off your mop? Here’s what to do with a paper bag:

Place a large paper bag over the mop head; use a piece of string or a rubber band to keep it from slipping off. Now give it several good shakes (a few gentle bumps wouldn’t hurt either). Lay the mop on its side for a few minutes to let the dust in the bag settle. Then carefully remove the bag for easy disposal of your dusty and dirt.

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What to do with a paper bag: Ripen Fruit

Many fruits-avocados, bananas, pears, peaches and tomatoes-will ripen better in a bag.

To hasten the ripening process of any fruit, here’s what to do with a paper bag: Place an already ripe apple or banana peel in the same bag and store it at room temperature. To ripen green bananas, wrap them in a damp dishtowel before placing them in the bag. Once your fruits have adequately ripened, you can halt the process by putting them in the refrigerator.

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Uses for a paper bag: Reshape Knits After Washing

Here’s a great laundry tip to do with a paper bag: Put the shape back into your sweaters and other knits by tracing the contours of each item on a paper bag before you wash it. Then use your outline to stretch the item back to its original shape after washing it.

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Ways to use a paper bag: Move Snow Off Your Windshield

Here’s a neat winter trick with a paper bag: If you’re tired of having to constantly scrape ice and snow off your car’s windshield, keep some paper bags on hand. When there’s snow in the forecast, go out to your car and turn on the wipers. Then, shut off the engine with the wipers positioned near the middle of your windshield. Now, split open a couple of paper bags and use your car’s wipers to hold them in place. After the last snowflake falls, pull off the paper to instantly clear your windshield. Note: To prevent damaging your car’s wipers, do not turn on the ignition until you’ve removed the snow and paper from the windshield.

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Things to do with a paper bag: Start a Fire

Looking for an easy way to get a fire going in your fireplace? Simply fill a paper bag with some balled-up newspaper and perhaps some bits of candle wax. Stick the bag under your logs, light it, then sit back and enjoy your roaring fire.

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