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5 Things To Do with Oven Mitts

Can’t handle all your chores alone? Let your oven mitts help you keep your furniture spotless, tend your garden and fix your car.

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Want to cut a few fresh flowers for your table? Use oven mitts to handle the thorny roses.

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A Beverage Cosy or Egg Warmer

Keep that mug of coffee or tea from getting cold when you’re called away by placing an oven mitt over it. The mitt’s insulation will keep it warm until you get back. You can also use an oven mitt to keep boiled eggs warm for up to half an hour. Conversely, an oven mitt will help keep a cold drink ­colder longer.




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Dust and ­Polish

Although oven mitts are typically confined to kitchen duty, they’re actually great for dusting and polishing around your house. Use one side of the mitt to apply wax or polish to your furniture and the other side to buff it up. It’s a great way to use clean, old mitts or all those extra ones you’ve collected.





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Protect Your Hands When Pruning

Oven mitts are too awkward to use for weeding or planting seedlings, but they can come in handy when pruning trees, hedges and bushes-particularly thorny ones, such as holly, bougainvillea and rosebushes.




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Remove Hot Engine Parts

Keeping an oven mitt in your car’s glove box or boot can make life a lot easier when you need to handle hot radiator caps and the like during an on-the-road emergency.







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Change a Hot Light Bulb

When the light bulb on your reading lamp blows out, don’t scorch your fingers when replacing it. Once you’ve removed the lampshade, put on an oven mitt, remove the dead bulb from the socket and toss it into the garbage bin. That way, you won’t still be blowing on your fingertips when screwing in the new bulb.





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