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5 Things To Do with Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner makes your locks shine, but it’ll do the same for your face, shoes, and tools too! Read on for more of hair conditioner’s great uses.

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Use hair conditioner outside the shower to wash silk clothes.

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1. Take Off Makeup

Put your face first. Why buy expensive makeup removers when a perfectly good substitute sits in your shower stall? Hair conditioner quickly and easily removes makeup for much less money than name-brand makeup removers.

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2. Protect Your Shoes in Foul Weather

Here’s a way to keep salt and chemicals off your shoes during the winter: Lather your shoes or boots with hair conditioner to protect them from winter’s harsh elements. It’s a good leather conditioner too.

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3. Smooth Shave-Irritated Legs

After you shave your legs, they may feel rough and irritated. Rub on hair conditioner; it acts like a lotion and can soothe the hurt away.

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4. Prevent Rust on Tools

Every good do-it-yourselfer knows how important it is to take care of the tools in your toolbox. One way to condition them and keep rust from invading is to rub them down with hair conditioner.

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5. Clean Silk Garments

Do you dare to ignore that “dry clean only” label on your silk shirt? Here’s a low-cost alternative to sending it out. Fill the sink with water (warm water for whites and cold water for colours). Add a tablespoon of hair conditioner. Immerse the shirt in the water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then pull it out, rinse, and hang it up to dry.

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