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5 Things To Do With Funnels

Although they’re often relegated to the back of the junk drawer, kitchen funnels have tons of uses. Here are five creative new ways to put kitchen funnels to work.

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1. Use a Funnel to Make a String Dispenser

Don’t get yourself tied up in knots over tangled string. Nail a large funnel to the wall, with the stem pointing down. Place a ball of string in the funnel and thread the end through the funnel’s stem. Voila-you now have an instant knot-free string dispenser.

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2. Use a Funnel to Separate Eggs

Want an egg-ceptional egg separator? Use a funnel. Crack the egg into the funnel, and watch the egg white slide out the spout into another container, while the yolks stays put. (Of course, you have to be careful not to break the yoke when you’re cracking.)

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3. Turn a Funnel Into a Kids’ Telephone

Just because you choke every time you open your phone bill doesn’t mean the kids have to, too. Use two small plastic funnels to make a durable string telephone. For each funnel, tie a button to one end of a length of kite string and thread it through the large end of the funnel. Tie another button at the bottom of the spout to keep the string in place and let the kids start yakking. 

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4. Use a Funnel in a Science Experiment

If you’re looking for a fun science experiment to perform with your kids, light a candle and ask them blow it out through the small end of the funnel. They wont have much luck, and it’s a neat way to demonstrate how the speed of air slows when it is blown through a wide opening. 

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5. Use a Funnel to Make a Costume

Stuck for a quick costume? The Tin Man is something you can put together in a jiffy. All you need is a little tape, some tinfoil and a funnel, and you’ve got a Tin Man hat. You’ll be headed to Oz in no time!

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