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5 Things To Do with a Blow-Dryer

If you’re only using your blow-dryer to dry hair, you’re only tapping a fraction of its potential. Here’s how to put this hard-working grooming tool to good use-all around the house!

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Use a Blow-Dryer to Get Wax Off Wood Furniture

It may have been a romantic evening, but that hardened candle wax on your wooden table or bureau is not the sort of lingering memory you had in mind. Melt it with a blow-dryer on its slowest, hottest setting. Remove the softened wax with a paper towel, then wipe the area with a cloth dipped in equal parts vinegar and water. Repeat if necessary. You can also remove wax from silver candlestick holders with a blow-dryer: Use the blow-dryer to soften the wax, then just peel it off.

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Use a Blow-Dryer to Clean Off Radiators

Are those dusty cast-iron radiators around your house becoming something of an eyesore? To clean them, hang a large, damp cloth behind each radiator. Then use your blow-dryer on its highest, coolest setting to blow dust and hidden dirt onto the cloth.

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Use a Blow-Dryer to Remove Bumper Stickers

Want to remove those cutesy bumper stickers your kids used to decorate your car to “surprise” you? Use a blow-dryer on its hottest setting to soften the adhesive. Move the dryer slowly back and forth for several minutes, then use your fingernail or credit card to lift up a corner and slowly peel off the bumper sticker.

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Use a Blow-Dryer to Dust Off Silk Flowers and Artificial Plants

They may require less care than their living counterparts, but silk flowers and artificial houseplants are apt to collect dust and dirt. Use your blow-dryer on its highest, coolest setting for a quick, efficient way to clean them off. Since this will blow the dust onto the furniture surfaces and floor around the plant, do this just before you vacuum those areas.

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Use a Blow-Dryer to Dry Your Dog After a Bath

Blow dryers are important grooming tools for thick or long-coated breeds such as the Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier. You don’t want your best friend to catch a cold. Just be sure not to use the blow dryer around their face. 

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