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5 More Things To Do with String

Water plants, help with your gardening and stop the sound of a leaky faucet, all with these fun new uses for string.

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Got some string? Pretty much any kind will work, so read on to get the inside scoop on some unusual ways you can use string around your home.

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1. Polish Silverware More Easily

Remember Dad or Grandpa taking a photograph of the dining room table beautifully set for holiday meals? The rich shine of polished silverware was part of what made it so beautiful. To get your silverware looking that good, run a length of string through some silver polish and use it to get at those hard-to-reach spots between fork tines.

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2. Make Wicks For Watering Plants

Keeping plants watered while you’re on a short trip is easier than you think. Fill a large container with water and place it next to your potted plants. Cut pieces of string so they’re long enough to hang down to the bottom of the container at one end and be buried a few inches in the soil of the pots at the other. Soak the strings until they’re thoroughly wet and put them in position. As the soil begins to dry, capillary action will draw water from the reservoir to the pots through the strings.

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3. Stop the Sound of a Leaky Faucet

If a leaky faucet going “plop … plop … plop” is keeping you awake at night, there’s a way to silence it until the plumber arrives. Tie a piece of string to the fixture with one end right where the water is oozing out and the other end hanging down to the bottom of the sink basin. Water droplets will travel down the string silently instead of driving you to distraction.

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4. Make a Quick Pacakge Opener

Next time you’re preparing a box for mailing, take a second to make it easier for the recipient to open. Place a piece of string along the center and side seams before you tape, allowing a tiny bit to hang free at one end. That way, the recipient just needs to pull the strings to sever the tape without resorting to sharp blades that might damage delicate contents. Do the same for packing boxes when you move.

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5. Outline Garden Features

When you’re making a new garden, lay common bright white string on the ground to outline paths and beds. From an upstairs window or other high vantage point, you’ll be able to tell at a glance if borders are straight and whether the layout is pleasing.

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