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5 Things To Do With Flowerpots

If you’re only using terracotta flowerpots for spring and summer plantings, you’re tapping just a fraction of their potential. Here are five ways to put flowerpots to use year-round.

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Use a Terracotta Flowerpot When Baking Bread

Take a new, clean, medium-sized terracotta flowerpot, soak it in water for about 20 minutes and then lightly grease the inside with butter. Place your bread dough, prepared as usual, in the pot and bake. The terracotta pot will give your bread a crusty outside and keep the inside moist.


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Use a Flowerpot to Unwind Wool Without Knotting

Knitting a sweater will take ages to finish if you’re constantly stopping to untangle the wool. To prevent this, place your ball of wool under and upturned flowerpot and thread the end through the drain hole.







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Use a Flowerpot as an Aquarium Fish Cave

Some fish love to lurk in shadowy corners of their home aquariums, keeping themselves safe from imagined predators. Place a mini-flowerpot on its side on the aquarium to create a cozy cave for your finned friends.



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Use a Flowerpot to Get Rid of Ants

If ants are plaguing your garden or patio and you’re tired of getting stung by the tiny attackers, a flowerpot can help you solve the problem. Place the flowerpot upside down over the anthill. Pour boiling water through the drain hole and you’ll be burning down their house.




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A New Way to Use Broken Flowerpots!

Soil from your potted houseplants won’t drain away if you place broken terracotta flowerpot shards in the bottom of the pot before replanting. When watering your plants, you’ll find that the water drains out, but not the soil. 

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