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5 Things To Do with Fabric Softener

Think fabric softener is just for your laundry? Both the liquid and dryer sheets can save you a bundle of trouble around the house. 

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Reduce static cling on your TV screen and computer monitor by dusting with a fabric-softener sheet.

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Clean Glass Surfaces

Clean glass tables, ­shower doors and other hard surfaces, and repel dust with liquid fabric softener. Mix 1 part softener into 4 parts water and store in a spray bottle, such as an empty dishwashing liquid bottle. Apply a little ­solution to a clean cloth, wipe the surface and then polish with a dry cloth.

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Pick Up Pet Hair

Pet hair can get a pretty ­tenacious grip on furniture and clothing. But a used fabric-softener sheet will suck that fur right off the fabric with a couple of swipes. Just toss the fuzzy wipe into the garbage.

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Repel Dust from Electrical Appliances

Because television and PC screens are electrically charged, they actually attract dust, making dusting them a never-ending chore, but not if you dust them with used fabric-softener sheets. These sheets are designed to reduce static cling, so they remove the dust and keep it from resettling for several days.

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A Safe Mosquito Repellent

For a safe mosquito repellent, look no further than the ­laundry. Save used dryer fabric-softener sheets and pin or tie one to your clothing when you go outdoors to help repel mosquitoes.

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Walk Away from Static Cling

You’ll never be embarrassed by static cling again if you keep a used fabric-softener sheet in your purse or dressing table drawer. When faced with static, dampen the sheet and rub it over your pantyhose to put an end to ­clinging skirts.

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