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5 Things To Do with Clothespins

Start putting those old plastic and wooden clothespins to work with five fun and practical new uses.

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Did You Know?

Spring action clothespins were invented in 1853 by David M. Smith, of Springfield, Vermont, U.S.A.

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1. Keep Snacks Fresh

Tired of biting into stale potato chips from a previously opened bag? Use clip-on clothespins to reseal bags of chips and other snacks, cereal, crackers, and seeds. The foods will stay fresh longer and you won’t have as many spills in the pantry, either. Use a clothespin for added freshness insurance when you store food in a freezer bag too.

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2. Hold Leaf Bag Open

Ever try filling a large leaf bag all by your lonesome, only to see half the leaves fall to the ground because the bag won’t stay open? Next time enlist a couple of clip-on clothespins as helpers. After you shake open the bag and spread it wide, use the clothespins to clip one side of the bag to a chain-link fence or other convenient site. The bag will stay open for easy filling.

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3. Mark a Bulb Spot

What to do when a flower that blooms in the spring … doesn’t? Just push a straight clothespin into the soil at the spot where it didn’t grow. In the fall you will know exactly where to plant new bulbs to avoid gaps.

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4. Grip a Nail

Hammer the nail and not your fingers. Just remember to use a clip-on clothespin to hold nails when hammering in hard-to-reach places.

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5. Fasten Christmas Lights

Keep your outdoor Christmas lights in place and ready to withstand the elements. As you affix your lights to gutters, trees, bushes (or even your spouse!) fasten them securely with clip-on clothespins.

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