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5 Things to Do With Cans

Cans of pop, juice, and soup may pile up in your home but you don’t have to take them out with the trash. Instead, reuse them in one of these five ways.

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Keep Tables Together

When you’re having a large dinner party, lock tables together by setting adjacent pairs of legs into empty cans. You won’t have to clean up any spills caused by the tables moving this way and that.

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Feed the Birds

For a bird feeder that’s about as basic as you can get, wedge a small can filled with suet between tree branches and watch the birds come flying to your yard.

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Create a Decorative Snowman

For a homemade holiday decoration, use a can!

How to do it:
1. Wrap an old pop can with white paper and glue or tape with transparent tape.
2. For a head, use a foam ball and tape it to the top of the can.
3. Cover the body with cotton batting or cotton bandaging material and tape or glue it in place.
4. Make a cone-shaped paper hat. Make eyes and a nose with buttons.
5. To add arms, punch holes in the sides of the can and insert twigs.
6. Use dots from a black marker pen to make buttons down the snowman’s front. Make a scarf from a scrap of wooly fabric.

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Make a Tool Tote

Use empty frozen juice cans for a convenient tote for wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers. Make sure to remove the bottom of the can as well as the top. Glue or tape the cylinders together to keep them from shifting around, and slip them into the pouches to create dividers.

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Make a Miniature Golf Course

On cool days, the kids are probably looking for something fun to do. To create your own indoor miniature golf course, arrange the cans with both ends removed the ball must go though them, go up a ramp into them or ricochet off a board through them.