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5 Things To Do with Basters

Basters are staples at discount stores, and it’s worth a visit to pick up a few to keep around the house specifically for non-cooking chores.

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Label your baster to make sure you always use the same baster for the same task.

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1. Pour Perfect Batter

To make picture-perfect pancakes, cookies, and muffins, simply fill your baster with batter so that you can pour just the right amount onto a griddle or cookie sheet or into a muffin pan.

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2. Remove Excess Water From Coffeemaker

The perfect cup of coffee is determined by using the proper balance of water and ground coffee in your automatic coffeemaker. If you pour in too much water, however, you typically have to add more coffee or suffer through a weak pot. But there’s another, often overlooked option: Simply use your kitchen baster to remove the excess water to bring it in at just the right level.

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3. Water Hard-to-Reach Plants

Do you get drips all over yourself, the floor, or furniture when trying to water hanging plants or other difficult-to-reach houseplants? Instead, fill a baster with water and squeeze it directly into the pot. You can also use a baster to water a Christmas tree and to add small, precise amounts of water to cups containing seedlings or germinating seeds.

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4. Clean Your Aquarium

A baster makes it incredibly easy to change the water in your fish tank or to freshen it up a bit. Simply use the utensil to suck up the gunk that collects in the corners and in the gravel at the bottom of your tank.

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5. Transfer Paints and Solvents

The toughest part of any touch-up paint job is invariably pouring the paint from a large can into a small cup or container. To avoid the inevitable spills, and just to make life easier in general, use a baster to take the paint out of the can. In fact, it’s a good idea to make a baster a permanent addition to your workshop for transferring any solvents, varnishes, and other liquid chemicals.