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5 More Things To Do with Bottles

Before you recycle all those plastic bottles take a look at our list of exciting ways you can use them around your home.

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Here are five fun things you can do with your old 2-litre pop and juice bottles

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1. Make a Bag or String Dispenser

An empty 2-litre soda bottle makes the perfect container for storing and dispensing plastic grocery bags. Just cut off the bottom and top ends of the bottle, and mount it with screws upside down inside a kitchen cabinet or closet. Put washers under the screw heads to keep them from pulling through the plastic. Fill it with your recycled bags (squeeze the air out of them first) and pull them out as needed. You can make a twine dispenser the same way, using a 1-litre bottle and letting the cord come out the bottom.

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2. Feed the Birds

Why spend money on a plastic bird feeder when you probably have one in your recycling bin? Take a clean 2-litre juice or milk jug and carve a large hole on its side to remove the handle. (You might even drill a small hole under the large one to insert a sturdy twig or dowel for a perch.) Then poke a hole in the middle of the cap and suspend it from a tree with a piece of strong string or monofilament fishing line. Fill it up to the opening with birdseed, and enjoy the show.

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3. Make a Watering Can

No watering can? It’s easy to make one from a clean 1-gallon juice, milk or bleach jug with a handle. Drill about a dozen tiny (1/16 inch or 1.5 milimetre) holes just below the spout of the jug on the side opposite the handle. Or carefully punch the holes with an ice pick. Fill it with water, screw the cap on, and start sprinkling.

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4. Keep the Cooler Cold

Don’t let your cooler lose its cool while you’re on the road. Fill a few clean plastic jugs with water or juice and keep them in the freezer for use when transporting food in you cooler. This is not only good for keeping food cold; you can actually drink the water or juice as it melts. It’s also not a bad idea to keep a few frozen jugs in your freezer if you have extra space; a full freezer actually uses less energy and can save money on your electric bill. When filling a jug, leave a little room at the top for the water to expand as it freezes.

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5. Fashion a Funnel

To make a handy, durable funnel, cut a cleaned milk jug, bleach or liquid detergent container with a handle in half across its midsection. Use the top portion (with the spout and handle) as a funnel for easy pouring of paints, rice, coins and so on.

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